Cowboys don't cry (prototype)

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Cowboys don't cry is a top-down western style deathmatch/multiplayer game prototype.


The goal was to learn Unity UNET networking framework and create a thing that works over a local area network (LAN). It was created between xmas and new year, just in time for a quick play with a friend over wifi last night (new year's eve).

Controls - WASD controls and mouse.
Power ups restore both health and bullets (6 max).
Line of sight prevents seeing other players.
Messaging/Chat across network (Enter key to type).

The basic level was created using Tiled.

The tileset used was done with Auto tile gen (currently on special 75% off on Steam until the 4th of Jan)

Auto tile gen is also a Ludum recommended tool

You can test it solo by running 2 instances of the game on your PC.
If on a LAN the hosting player needs to tell all other players their IP (e.g.

The game is buggy. If clients don't spawn in correctly try restarting the hosting server instance.

Download playable demo here: Cowboy's don't cry v0.01 for PC (50 MB)

Happy new year everybody :)
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    Nice one. Very similar to a prototype I recently made. Though mine is a couch coop.

    Did you get people to test the game? In my experience it seems quite tricky to get anyone to actually play games that require more then one player. I wonder if it's better to create couch coops as it only requires one machine and a couple of friends instead of everyone connecting to a LAN.
  • Hey @flobar, I have seen the awesome progress you're making with your couch co-op prototype. You are taking it further by also looking at interesting game-play mechanics such as the diving etc. which will be key to get tester interest. This was purely a test just to get basic LAN play going as an experiment. To get it working over the internet would be the next challenging step here I think. *Shudder* (technical difficulty, server infrastructure etc)

    I did look at local couch multi-player too in a 4 player split screen proto recently, but that is not co-op. Co-op requires its own set of game design considerations and if you can pull it off your game will certainly benefit from it and appeal to a larger audience.

    I did not get any tester feedback here, however we're a small community, so just getting general feedback on any prototype is always welcome but not guaranteed. Anything which involves multiple testers will be an even greater challenge unless it really stands out in some special way other than the fact that it is multiplayer.

    I'll check out your game and try to give constructive feedback, but it will be from a single player perspective as I have no friends to couch play with (only online). :(
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    @konman sorry I meant couch multiplayer instead of couch co-op. So many people use different terms for the same thing. I get confused haha.
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