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A dark, cartoon style action game for 1, 2 or 4 players.
Local couch multiplay (PVP with PVE) on same screen (split).



Inspired by games like Freedom force (art), Spy vs Spy (trap'em up) and Microsoft Decathlon (local multiplay).

@iceblademush did all the lovely character art and cannot be held responsible for the vacuum cleaner (and other) artwork :D
I tried to do animations with the bone feature in Spriter Pro, slicing static art, to much horror...

There is a cover system, crouch behind furniture to avoid incoming fire.
Crouching allows more accurate aiming too...
Some furniture contains traps as loot that can be placed. Kinda.

Known Issues: (many)
No win condition
Bad furniture placement (procedural level layout)
Minimap is currently broken.
Turret trap only shoots at player 1.
Avoidance AI is not avoiding.
Guard (dude in white) is meant to shoot and not do what zombies do.

Download playable build here. PC (Mac and Linux supported according to Unity builder, not tested)

It might be a tad too early to post this here, but thought early is better.

I would appreciate any feedback on multiplayer experience, game design ideas, anything really.
This is hard to test as a single person as it requires more than 1 player.
Many gameplay/design features like trap/counter mechanics ares not decided upon yet.
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  • I can briefly describe my failed attempt at the game.

    First off Norton flags the installation as suspicious due to some dll (pic below), it's not a big deal, the reputation flag does get raised on a false positive from time to time, it's more of an issue because it removes the file and you have to exclude it from future scans. I don't usually play games without a mouse so I'm a biased bastard, but the control scheme is horrific, I haven't felt this uncomfortable in a while, right hand under the left, required to hit keys that are usually 3rd or 4th priority in any other game while the mouse and the rest of the keyboard are staring at me with a lot of space all around them. It's just unplayable for me with the control scheme. Sorry for the worthless feedback, but it's too much to handle.

    On a more constructive note, I would expect the movement direction of the player to be relative to the direction the player is facing, so for instance if I'm facing right and hit the [S] key the player should move backwards, towards the absolute left, instead of turning right towards absolute down. Another thing, the four way screen split seems like a bit too much, I understand that having 4 controllers and players would make it perfectly fine, but it should scale down to one player if you want a one player mode.

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  • Thanks for the feedback Critic. I appreciate it you downloading and playing it and taking the time to post.

    I don't agree on your movement critique though :D Most games are VIEWPORT relative control scheme. So W always moves to the top of the screen, S down, A left, etc...

    I'm sorry you don't like 4 way split screen. Heh! There IS a one player mode BTW. In menu use arrow keys to select between 1,2 and 4 players.
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    It's more of a mental construct issue than a viewport issue, it's like the inverted mouse option that is found in most games, mostly subjective to an individual (using [A+D] for changing rotation and [W+S] for movement vs absolute position + automatic rotation). Would you consider using the mouse for orientation in one player mode, maybe that would open up the game for people that are awkward without it and could you allow input mapping for one player mode in the next build, I would like to give it another try, but would prefer my own key mapping?
  • @critic Key mapping would be optimal, even better would maybe be gamepad controls? Single player mouse support would be awesome, but this prototype is a split screen multiplayer test currently. I've even considered dropping single player entirely! I'll look into it though, thank you.

    I think right now the best place to focus for this prototype would be actual gameplay mechanics. It is lacking severely. The whole trap'em up mechanic, win condition and level design (very linear in the current state) :D
  • You already have the input mapping on the loader screen, except that the controls are not defined, no need for a in-game UI at this stage. You wouldn't even consider adding a toggle for [A+D] controlling rotation (anti-clockwise, clockwise) and [W+S] movement (forward, back) at this stage?
  • @critic, not at this stage, no.
  • sounds cool. nice art style.
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  • I have at least played a few top down shooters before and I must say the walking in ENTER feels the most realistic by far, the walking and then running is great!
    I personally favor viewport, especially in this case, no reason not to go viewport here, you want quick reactionary movements here,
    The decision to have comic like words as sound effects are great!
    Dropping single player is a decision I can stand behind.
    Art style is really comic like so my suggestion would be to utilize this, look at comics that actually deal with these kinds of scenarios and settings and then incorporate that kind of narrative style into the game.

    Remember that narrative is everything in your game that lends it self to some kind of story. The characters drawn by @iceblademush is already telling a story as is the flooring and furniture,

    Looking forward to seeing where this project goes!
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  • A few weeks ago I experimented with adding a larger world for ENTER. The mansion alone seemed fairly limited as a playground.


    The idea is there is a safe house (has a sniper on the roof for protection and a vendor perhaps) for each agent and then events would cause them to travel and converge on specific locations by driving there or on foot for the brave.

    Here is a playable build of that idea. There's some traffic on the roads too and hop in and out of vehicles. Vehicle artwork courtesy of MS Visio :) This will need to translate somehow into the 4 player split screen gameplay of ENTER too somehow.

    Playable build (very rough).
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