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  • Can confirm the startup bug on an iPad 4th gen (Retina device).

    Also if you're going to be making an update anyway, the buttons are little bit uncomfortably close to the centre of the screen if you're playing on a tablet device. Some kind of anchoring to the sides might be a good idea ;)
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  • You're very welcome, glad I could help. @TheFuntastic the funny thing is it doesn't seem like the touch area is actually broken (as in interactive area too small or something), because After hitting that bat button a few times anywhere on the left does kick things off. Unless those are two areas that get turned on/off or resized at some point in that startup sequence?
  • Oh, it might be worth updating your store page to inform players/buyers that you're aware of the bug on some retina devices and working on a fix.
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  • @mattbenic that's a great idea, doing it now. Is it customary, or ok, or not ok, for me to actually say "this is a beta release while we are working out bugs", or should we just say we are aware of some bugs and am working on an update asap?
  • If it wasn't originally publically positioned as a beta, I'd be hesitant to change to that line now. People have payed for it (the tricky part of going out paid ;)) so suddenly saying "oh btw this was beta didn't we tell you" might not be great.
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  • So I should have sent it out as beta, right?

    I think that because it was just silent released... Effectively 2-3 days ago in two remote territories, there should be very little downloads as of right now, no? According to stats it seems to be 6 (lol and we can account for 3/4 of those amongst ourselves), so it's still really a non-issue being concerned about people getting the idea that it changed its tune post-release.

    So it comes down to - should I say that it is a beta? (not in the title, but in the description) Or is that frowned upon in general?
  • Yeah then I think mentioning it's in limited beta in the description would probably be ok. That way any users you do pick organically up may be more forgiving of bugs, etc.
    With low starting numbers (you haven't marketed yet after all) I don't think you can go too far wrong either way.

    You should probably be getting on that though (marketing). Considering you're already at the point of sellable builds, I'm surprised you haven't. I would have expected there to be some discussion on TouchArcade and things like that by now.

    I'd HIGHLY recommend a post there about the game, and that it is available on limited stores for those that want to check it out. They're a very interactive community and you'll likely get some good feedback (and really, getting the TA site itself to show interest in you can only help).
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  • Actually after playing again I find the hit areas are actually wider than the buttons and I can use my thumbs near the edge. Not sure if that is intentional. Would be better if the sprites matched as well. ;)

    And yeah seems only on the start screen the hit areas are way off.

    I don't think you need to say beta, maybe just being honest about the fact you've found bugs and trying to fix it fast as possible. ;)
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  • @mattbenic Solid advice! Funny thing is that I went over there and found that someone already started a thread about Dead Run! http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?p=3388832#post3388832

    I've posted there and asked if I should start a new thread to lead the OP with my info. Or maybe just give them the info to place into OP. I think it they would respond better if I asked first than to just go ahead and start a new thread.

    I'm simultaneously happy and slightly peeved at myself for not doing it earlier. Gonna have to go to other forums too to post about it. But I always thought the silent releases are supposed to be silent until you actually release XD

    @TheFuntastic Yeah, the actual button area covers the entire half of the screen, but to indicate that... I tried a few times, is a bit too distracting in all the methods I've tried. One of the things I tried was to leave the circular border out of the button, but then it didn't read like a button. So as such I actually think it's ok that it looks like a button but the hit area covers the entire screen. It's an ease of use thing, for me.

    Which device are you using? What a strange bug, because we tried it on a bunch of stuff, including Retina stuff, but I guess iPad + Retina breaks things because quadruple resolution :/
  • Hey guys, we're having trouble getting our Game Centre stuff to hook up - achievements and leaderboards aren't registering. Is there something we need to do besides enabling Game Centre on itunesconnect that we need to do? Because we have done that, and am using the right calls from within Unity.

    The achievements and scoreboards were visible in sandbox mode, by the way.

  • Been too long since I touched that stuff to be much use, maybe @chippit or @angrymoose have input?
  • Make sure you're using the correct provisioning profile and/or entitlement plist. Guessing it won't work with a Dev profile and you'll need to set it up and test with an adhoc one. Guessing Unity automates entitlements though.

    Must be plenty of online walkthroughs (and Stackoverflow) to go through to look for what you're missing.
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    OK, This Is For Real This Time Now :D

    DEAD RUN IS READY FOR RELEASE! I'm first looking for some press to send some pre-release promo codes to so that I can prepare first wave mailer with some proper material. I've already started with some existing contacts, if anyone knows someone who might be interested in promo copy, let me know :)

    I'm using distribute() - Vlambeer/Rami's thing, and I must say it looks really good. Lots of details covered in its deceptively simple system.

    Dead Run distribute() press request link: http://dodistribute.com/access/3lXA3EymmN/

    Just wanted to give a huge ass thank you to everyone here, you're all godparents to our first actual game ever. *tears*

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    Hi guys! The first batch of promo codes has revealed a very bizarre and specific error - it seems as if the sharing module crashes only on iPad Air with iOS 8.1... As we didn't have an iPad Air we hadn't been able to test and replicate that particular problem, so...

    Can I ask you guys a favour? Who has an iPad Air and can help maybe attempt replicate the error on so we can make sure that's it? If you have iPad Air please head on over here to get a promo code for testing:

    We've tested on a variety of devices we do have and there's no problem as far as we can tell.

    We're also contacting the Unity plugin makers. What a bizarre problem :/
  • What a bizarre problem
    Welcome to the wonderful world of actually shipping a finished product ;)
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    Hey guys :D

    Dead Run is releasing THIS WEEK. When? Well probably Wednesday - Thursday. Or Sunday. Been reading up on when the best day is and frankly, every day has its advocates. So erm, as soon as I can :P

    So here I am sharing a peek of the launch trailer with you guys, I've ran out of ideas for the year and I'm leaning heavily on the Inception Trumpet crutch :P

    The video is unlisted at the moment so please don't share it yet, I'll make it live when everything is in order :)


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  • Only thing that bothered me was that the booming sound seemed to happen something like 0.1s after the screens change, instead of simultaneously. <_<
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  • I think it's really well put together! Just not sure if I like the Michael Bay joke at the end :)
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  • If everyone was like me all you would need as a feature list was :

    +Ability to whack Micheal bay
    +Ability to whack Micheal bay
    +Ability to whack Micheal bay
    +Ability to whack Micheal bay
    +Ability to SHOOT Micheal bay !!!
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  • Anyone else agree with Jonno on the sound being a bit off? I listened to it a bunch of times and I feel it wasn't off. Anyone else?

    @Luke do you think it's a bit too much? The photo too much or the joke altogether too much? I was a bit iffy about it but when I realised I was using Inception trumpet all over the place I realised it kinda fits. I wanted to add a bit at the end logo that cuts off the last trumpet with "ARRGH NO MORE ANGRY BOAT TRUMPET!!"... What do you think?

    @Kubus thanks for your input :P I think it's safe to say I shouldn't take my (bad) jokes that far :P
  • Sound seems good to me. It coooooould be like @Jono is saying, but if it is, it doesn't bother me at all.

    I'm not sure... I guess I just don't "get" the association that much... the only reason I *sorta* get it is because I've played the game and I know the names of the survivors a bit... but I think it's just confusing and weird to use as a bullet point to sell the game to new players. But hey, that could just be me :)
  • I watched it again on my phone, and I think it may only be the first two. But I'm not sure anymore. XD
  • I do not get the Michael Bay thing either.

    This game isn't about transformers, is it?
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    No, it's not about transformers... It was an in joke in the alpha/beta that kinda just stuck with the game. I would loosely liken it to Goats and DD but it's not as good as that, I know.

    Well if it's offensive or inappropriate or negative I'll get rid of it. Hence me asking all ya'll opinions :)
  • Hey ya'll! Forgot to drop a note here as I've been busy with Ludum Dare... AND launching Dead Run XD
    The new site looks a bit better, thanks @loet for pretty much being able to magic stuff out of photoshop files :)

    The app store link is here:

    Sent out a miler too, you can see it here:

    Thanks a million to everyone here, you've all been a huge help to this my first step in game making :) <3<3<3

    Now... Back to Ludum Dare!
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    So in an utterly surprising turn of events, I've gone and made a Dead Run Game On A Tee!

    I really dig designing t-shirts, and this idea swirled around a bit, and since I'm going to GDC I thought I'd take advantage of the Print On Demand service there like my RedBubble and get it made :)

    Here is the design!

    The RedBubble mockup:

    The design in its full-sized glory:
    <img src="http://makegamessa.com/uploads/FileUpload/60/62ffd4eaff3113b0d69bb344e70632.png" />

    Some questions, if you have time:
    1. Would you wear it?
    2. Do you understand it?
    3. Would you play it?
    4. What if you were drunk? :P
    5. Anything else at all?
    6. Would you mind proofreading it for me?

    I've put it on RedBubble already
    Dead Run Game On A Tee page

    1. Does the site/page seem attractive to you? (I can't really control that but I'm collecting opinions)
    2. Have you done online apparel (cloths) shopping before?

    Thanks for checking it out :) The Madness continues :)
    2400 x 3200 - 61K
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  • Hey Tuism, Deadrun is looking amazing! Congrats. Haven't been on Make Games SA for a while and I saw Deadrun on the front page. Gave the web version a play through and I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)
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    1. yes.
    2. yup
    3. yesssss.
    4. even more so.
    5. I'm useless i know. No. Nothing more. JUST TELL ME HOW I GET ONE .
    6. Looks great to me! Read all the text a few times and it all makes sense/looks good.

    1. Page looks clean and is quite simple to control.
    2. Nope. (Does this mean the only way to get one is through that store?)
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  • So basically what @bensonance said, but with more exclamation marks and bodily fluids.
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  • Except that I have done some online clothes shopping, and the worst thing about it is you end up paying another 50% on customs and stuff - it's the worst. For real. But your portfolio is amazing and I love you. Suddenly.
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  • Lol guys, thanks for the feedback!! The idea is for me to get them delivered to the hostel in SF and I can take them back with me.

    yes right now it's only available through this, but I am looking at getting it on Design by Humans which just opened up their POD service, and they're known for great quality. I'll sort that out as soon as I have wifi access on my laptop, need to upload files.

    So whoever wants them can tell me here (including size, check out their sizing chart http://www.redbubble.com/products/sizing_chart/t-shirt?style=mens) and I'll order them and bring them back with, it'll save us shipping at least! :)
  • I've uploaded the design to Designbyhuman - what's the significance?
    1. They seem to print at a higher resolution - indicative of better quality.
    2. DBH has always been known for great quality - so that's a good thing.
    3. The ratio of the design size has allowed me to fit one extra row of sprites into the design

    It looks better overall - I'm most likely gonna order from them:
    The page:


    The image is a generated mockup, but the print positioning does look a lot better than RedBubbles, yeah? :)

    It's also available as a bunch of other cuts, including girls tee, sweatshirt, hoodie, etc. So let me know if you're interested in alternatives.

  • Update: I just very hastily ordered a tee from Designbyhumans for myself to see, and it seems like the printing + shipping would take quite a while - they're saying it'll arrive Mar 5th (I fly out on the 11th)

    So erm, orders are urgent for Designbyhumans if you'd like them, otherwise I'll have to check RedBubble's times... But for now I gotta rush to my flight for SF! Later guys!
  • Zomfg the tee just arrived this morning finally (10am right now), it looks AMAZING, design by humans is fantastic!


    this is real!!!!! Who wants one? :D

  • T-shirts looks really cool. Also, I love your Two-plus logo on your phone - nice touch :)
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