• Hi all, I'm Toni. I am an actress, singer and stunt woman with around three years of Voice Acting experience (dubbing, animation, corporate, narration...). I met a few of you this weekend at the Game Jam 2018 in Cape Town, I joined an awesome team helping with writing and providing the voice for a character in the game.

    I've joined up here with the hope that I can learn more about our awesome local gaming industry and to see what someone like me could do to help make your concepts come to life. I'm a giant nerd who swoons over people like Travis Willingham and Matthew Mercer with dreams of voicing some epic characters. There seems to be a gap in the SA market that we can maybe develop, looking forward to seeing what SA has to offer :D

  • Whats up all. moga here from los angeles. working on some VR games
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