• Hi all, I'm Toni. I am an actress, singer and stunt woman with around three years of Voice Acting experience (dubbing, animation, corporate, narration...). I met a few of you this weekend at the Game Jam 2018 in Cape Town, I joined an awesome team helping with writing and providing the voice for a character in the game.

    I've joined up here with the hope that I can learn more about our awesome local gaming industry and to see what someone like me could do to help make your concepts come to life. I'm a giant nerd who swoons over people like Travis Willingham and Matthew Mercer with dreams of voicing some epic characters. There seems to be a gap in the SA market that we can maybe develop, looking forward to seeing what SA has to offer :D

  • Whats up all. moga here from los angeles. working on some VR games
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  • Hey I'm William. I'm applying for Digital Arts study at Wits.
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  • Hey All,

    Name's Arthur, just a hobbyist, but very passionate about games.
    Looking to make friends and make games, making games with friends is ideal.

    Just moved down to CT and looking forward to checking out the gamedev scene around here, and playtopia at the end of the month.
  • Welcome, Arthur!
    Where are you from?
    There are quite a few regular meetups and gamejams around the CT area, just keep an eye on the forums for updates etc
  • * Here Comes A New Challenger! *

    Wsup Guys. My Name is Alex Ynclan.

    I am an artist working in the Video Game & Animation Industry, mostly for a small indie studio called ClanBisi (JHB).
    We're kinda new here but hope to bring our own flavour / perspective to the scene through emotional, culturally focused games and content.

    Currently based on the East Coast of the USA but I tend to travel. I am excited to lurk, collaborate, share, post and of course get to know the rest of the you crazy cats. Will dump some art at some stage but for now I am just excited to be here.

    Keep on doing all that great creative biz that you guys do!!

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