• Whats up all. moga here from los angeles. working on some VR games
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  • Hey I'm William. I'm applying for Digital Arts study at Wits.
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  • Hey All,

    Name's Arthur, just a hobbyist, but very passionate about games.
    Looking to make friends and make games, making games with friends is ideal.

    Just moved down to CT and looking forward to checking out the gamedev scene around here, and playtopia at the end of the month.
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  • Welcome, Arthur!
    Where are you from?
    There are quite a few regular meetups and gamejams around the CT area, just keep an eye on the forums for updates etc
  • * Here Comes A New Challenger! *

    Wsup Guys. My Name is Alex Ynclan.

    I am an artist working in the Video Game & Animation Industry, mostly for a small indie studio called ClanBisi (JHB).
    We're kinda new here but hope to bring our own flavour / perspective to the scene through emotional, culturally focused games and content.

    Currently based on the East Coast of the USA but I tend to travel. I am excited to lurk, collaborate, share, post and of course get to know the rest of the you crazy cats. Will dump some art at some stage but for now I am just excited to be here.

    Keep on doing all that great creative biz that you guys do!!

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  • Sup everyone

    I'm Lesedi Mosadi, and I'm an animation student at AFDA. I stumbled around this neck of the woods while trying to learn more about SA's gaming community.

    I love playing games; one day I hope to make games as fun as the ones I was inspired by.
  • My name is Nizaam Carawan, I am a passionate generalist in Game development and Animation. I have skills ranging from 2D animation, Vfx, Composting, 3D modeling and Game development in unity and C#. I have recently graduated my Advanced Diploma in Animation and would love to work for a game studio for gaming is my main passion!
  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Cornel Verburgh. I am doing my masters in Electronic Engineering (Informatics), while working on an educational game on the side to help children from rural communities. You'll hear from me again soon! :D
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    Hi Game heads, my legal name is Keith but I go by the name of Kido.
    I discovered this website by Luck but I regard it more as a Blessing. I am a Solo self taught aspiring game developer who has keen interest in growing the skill. I joined this group in the hope that I can finally share dialog, ideas and be inspired by like minded people. Lord knows this is a hard field in which to progress and even harder when you the only programmer you know.
    I hope my time in this club will be a joyous, educational, fun and possibly productive time.

    Much love to all the artists on here and best wishes to all projects you embark on. Keep in touch. Peace.
  • Hello!
    I am a crazy person looking to complete my games and share them with you.
    I have lots of programming experience and look forward to the critique of the design of my games.
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  • Hi all! my names Hans and I'm currently studying game design at Wits. I was introduced to this website due to the Comic-Con Game Jam and I'm looking to improve myself as a game designer. Always glad to see that the SA game design community is actually this large and active and I look forward to working with everyone
  • Hi! Just realised that I never actually properly introduced myself. My name is Tiaan Fortune and I've been a member of this site for around 3 years now. I've mainly just worked on games in Game Maker Studio and I'm currently in my first year of Computer Science.
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  • Hey :) My name is Daniel. Joined the site in 2017, but haven't introduced myself yet.

    My friend and I have participated in 2 game jams so far. We use GameMaker 1.4 but might be experimenting with Unity in future. I volunteered at Playtopia last year and have been trying to keep up with the local scene a lil. I also love board games (but don't get to play them nearly as much as I should).

    First-year Computer Science student. I suspect I'll primarily be focusing on game jams (and forcing my classmates to join for next year's SA Game Jam ;]) but might start a personal project if my schedule and energy allow it.
  • Yo commies, name's Ange. beginner game dev, open source junkie, weapons of choice are basically anything open source. finally decided to bite the bullet and feed my own addiction, hope to have something done soon.
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  • Hi everyone.

    I am Josef Glad,

    I am currently working as a software support engineer, I have background in software engineering, unity , unreal and some music production knowledge .I am currently working on a proof of concept for a game. Cinematic hopefully done by end of June/July .

    Looking to make some new friends I am always up to help so If someone needs help hit me up.
  • Hi everyone!

    My name is James, and I am a sound designer. I've been working in the film and television industry for quite a while and am keen to get more involved in the game industry. I am currently familiarising myself with Wwise and FMOD, and slowly learning the basics of Unity, Unreal, and C# and C++.

    I am also keen to get involved in projects so if anyone needs any help on the audio side let me know!
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  • Greetings all!

    I'm Gideon Griebenow, and I've been spending the last 7 months working on a 3D RTS on a hex map during my spare time. It's based on Catlike Coding's hex map tutorial, but I've already expanded on it quite significantly, for example making the segments of the hexes the base units of the map, rather than the hexes themselves. This greatly improves unit movement and everything that needs a location to happen.

    My game's name is World Turtles, since the world is situated on the back of a turtle, with different turtles leading to different scenarios and game parameters. I make YouTube videos of the development process and also have a sub-reddit, if you're interested:

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    Hi, my name's Matthias Silbernagl and I'm a senior lecturer in Game Sound Design and Audio Engineering in Cape Town. I'm also a musician, composer, and producer. Always keen for a new project - no matter the scope :-)
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  • Hello Gameverse!

    I'm Cara Helene. I am a writer and editor. Recently graduated my BA, I'm freelancing and finding my niche and where my passions lie. A game with kickass gameplay and an enchanting storyline is my favourite thing to find. That includes boargames, video games, rpgs... in short, I'm a geek but I'm a geek with writing skills who wants to help game makers create stories that feel real and immersive, while also being understandable. If you ever want someone to bounce ideas with or give your rulebooks a thorough look, feel free to message me!
  • Hiya!

    I'm Jean-Luc Chappell, a first year game design and development Student at Vega Cape Town. I'm definitely more interested in designing gameplay and idea generation (Mad Hatter Homebrew Dungeon Master kinda stuff), but coding is one of my stronger suits so far.

    I hope to be around this forum for many years to come!
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  • Hi esteemed gamers and developers,

    My name is Ruvz07 and I am a self-taught android mobile developer.

    Really excited to be a part of this community. I am hoping to learn, grow and discover together.

    I am planning to release my first game soon. Looking forward to some constructive feedback and support.

    Have a great day further.
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