• Hi my name is Jaco Kotzé
    I have been really interested in game development since early school years.
    Persued first through simple warcraft 3 map editor attempts but ultimately becoming to complex in idea to lag the game.
    Moved in to self learn LUA and code using LOVE2D as my next phase. Where I made many simple games and learnt many new things.
    On from there I dabbled c# using Unity3D attempting to dev a game with collage mates last year during first year of IT. Ultimately failed due to administrative and simple issues piling up.
    This year I've targeted JAVA as my next language to learn and dabble for game development.
    My passions are general problem solving and attempting to code concept ideas I have to see if they'd work for any end product. Lately tackling modular expandable game cores that users can code over into mixable game.

    I hope to learn more from this community aswell!
  • Hi I'm Mikey,

    Was recommended I join this from people on twitter.
    I am an active gamer both console, PC and tabletop. I do not design nor create but I do play and the community in Cape Town is always available for BETA testing or general consumer research.

    Im a padawan podcaster and soon to be creating youtube channels and content.

    Get in touch with me over twitter at @mikey_nathan
  • Hi,

    I am Cathal, Irishman living in South Africa, qualified games developer/Technical 3D Artist. My last position was with Audi in Germany working on their virtual cockpit software for their infotainment systems found in the new TT, R8 and Q7. I am in South Africa looking for a better quality of life and new career horizons.

    I love tractors, Valve, making stuff and sport (C'mon ye boys in Green!)

    Loving SA, You guys are really great :D
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  • Hi My name is Mike, Im a 23 year old Web Developer from JHB Gaming is my culture :D

    Im here to learn from the gaming masters willing to learn and help out where i can, id love a mentor, maybe some one to
    help me learn all i need to know to at least build Snake for now :D

    Message me if you keen on helping me or if i could maybe help you Web languages and Photoshop are my tools :D
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    Hi Guys and Girls

    I am Derek.
    I am an aspiring Producer.

    Admittedly I don't know Code, or Design, but
    I DO know people, marketing, narratives and how to get the best out of a team.
    I DO know how to grow and facilitate effective and open communication, and
    I DO know how to get projects completed on time and on budget.
    I have a passion for games and i want to get involved.
    So i have found my way here
    (Thanks @quintond and @garethf)

    Looking Forward to chatting with and working with you all :)
  • Welcome, @Fenn!
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  • High Im Simphiwe Im from Johannesburg I am young talented Audio Producer, Music Composer and Sound Designer for video games, animations as well as Mobile or PC applications. I am self |Fl Studio expert who loves dabbling into differents sounds and id love to work on projects inorder for me to gain more knowlegdeand experience in this field. Check out my Soundcloud page: soundcloud.com/simphiwe-x
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  • Hi All

    I'm Sam, been developing video games in school books since the 80's. At 40 decided to do the real thing and here I am. Loving it.
  • Hi, I'm Eagan. I'm currently in grade 11 and making games is something that i really enjoy. Just the fact of making something out of nothing is awesome!
  • Hey there.
    I'm David. I'm 31 and currently work in the film industry in post production ( 3D, Vfx, Mograph and Colorist ) on commercials.
    Have discovered an absolute love of Gamedev and am pursuing it with vigor. Film keeps me plenty busy but plan to
    make games every second I can in between. Look forward to becoming part of the community.
  • Hi everyone, Nicolas here, I love games and have always wanted to make games. I'm busy learning and lets hope one day I'll release something :)
  • Hi ! My name is Uli de Jager from Pretoria, Gauteng. I'm a 3rd year games development student at WW IT-IQ college. Our group of passionate coders and CG artists alike have recently started our very own games jam and things are going great! I look forward to learning new and exciting ways of creating games and pursue this passion of mine.
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  • What's up! My name is James, I'm a film student at AFDA trying my hand at storytelling in games. I look forward to my time on this group
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  • Hi! My name is Rust. I work as a freelance videographer in Cape Town. I like writing and am especially interested in the storytelling within games. Looking forward to joining some game jams in the future!
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  • Hi guys. Thabo Absia Sebopa here. Enthusiastic indie game developer making games for fun.
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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Neil and I am based in Cape Town.
    I have been a member here since 2014 although I have not actually introduced myself yet.
    My bad - been really really busy making games :)

    I have a distant background in design and illustration, certified as a Java Programmer in 2002 and have since spent the last 15 years in Corporate IT - developing web and C# applications. More recently, last year I traded in my well paying salary to do something more rewarding and fulfilling with my life - yeah you guessed it - making games with Unity3d

    With the wealth of knowledge available on MakeGamesSA and the with the help of its members, particularly @LexAquillia and @DaveRussellSA I was able to setup OrangeSpice Games

    More recently I launched my debut 2D title, WORDFIX Word Game - currently only available on Windows Phone

    Anyway - I am always approachable and usually work crazy long hours, so dont hesitate to drop me a message or ask any questions. I will always help where I can.

    Really great to be part of such an amazing community!
    Keep up the good work everyone!!

  • Hi,

    We are Brittle Bytes and have just launched our first game Build A Match on iOS.

    The game was develop using Unity3D, and we are in the process of completing the Android version for launch within the next couple of weeks.

    Our team consists of Grant (developer) and Bennie (designer and marketing).

    Proudly South African, and would love to hear from you!

    Grant & Bennie
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  • Hi My name is Jeffrey Harrison and I am a composer, and performing musician. I am trying to make new contacts and build relationships in the industry in the hopes of collaborating on projects in the future. If any game developers are seeking new music please visit my EPK online to listen to excerpts from my latest CD "Music For Stories Untold" and other pieces too.

    If you wish to know more about my background and me you will find my CV here. . When you get to the page click on the Download button.

    Thanks for listening. Jeffrey
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  • Hi, my name is Anton and I'm a lecturer at SAE Cape Town. My expertise is motion graphics (2D as well as 3D) and I'm currently teaching myself how to get some cool stuff made in Unity.
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  • Hey everyone!
    My name is Ronan and im currently studying 1st year Digital Arts at wits (on the engineering side so pray for me). Sadly my current experience in digital game creation is almost zero but ive learnt quite a bit in tabletop game creation. Hopefully I'll interact more on the site when i start making digital games, but for now ill just be content in my lurking ways! \/
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  • Hi everyone, my name is Aimee! I am currently in my first year studying game design at Wits and hope to start making some fantastic digital games soon :D I will look to this website when in need of inspiration and hopefully post something interesting someday :P
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    Hi @Rcon26 and @Aimzj! Welcome to the forum. Hope to see some of your first prototypes up here very soon! ;)
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    Hide your alcohol, the kids are coming.
    I am Okkie, newbie aspiring programmer and forum lurker for team Disarray[Ducks]. Me and my co-programmer started out with GameMaker two weeks ago and are looking forward to slowly furthering our skill in game design in the years to come (we are both still in High School so we have time).

    I decided to join this community after seeing the latest Competition.We are going to take part in these competitions as a learning experience for ourselves (Our entry is coming soon!). Our team consists of me and my friends (newbie programmers, artists, fanboy and DJ) that came together and decided to start making games.

    Looking forward to learning more :)

    PS. The art team hates me for making this avatar.
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  • Hey @Disarray_Ducks, welcome to the forum. So glad to see a fellow GameMaker user. All the best of luck, and hope to see some of your prototypes here soon ;)

    If you have any GameMaker related questions, please feel free to ask them on the GameMaker - Some questions thread. We are always keen to help out.
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  • Hi everyone, my names is Ivo, just moved down from the Netherlands to the beautiful city of Cape Town, I run a game company called Basecamp Games. Last year we released a rock opera game titled Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Videogame , after which we switched to applied games and real life gaming. I am the producer and director, and am also the composer and sounddesigner within our team.

    Looking forward to meeting more local devs and seeing some cool stuff on here. :)

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  • Hi Ivo, my name is Ivo too - welcome to the Forum!
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  • Hi Ivo, my name is Ivo too - welcome to the Forum!
    Thanks, Ivo. I was, indeed, made aware there was another Ivo at the last meetup. ;)
  • Now we need a plural! Ivos, Ivi... Eva?
  • Hey guys,

    I'm Alley, 22 and working in the film industry. Here looking to meet some game devs and hopefully transition in the near future or just get involved. I write, produce and direct for film and I mostly game on consoles (PS4), AAA titles in particular.
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  • @Radium217 Hi Alley, welcome to the forum :D

    If you're ever in the Cape Town or Johannesburg, Bryanston area you should try and attend one of the monthly MGSA meetups. They are always very jovial affairs ;)
  • Hello, Just found you bunch of awesome people. Idiot me posted the introduction on my own activity wall instead of here ... yes I am blond.

    a few points about me.

    Aspiring Game Developer, learning all angles possible.
    Currently no studies aimed at development, but my persistence seems to be enough for now.

    Experience ranging from 3D modelling, Rigging, Animation, Texturing, and Implementation.

    Coding is not my strongest point (know enough to get by), but I have never been limited due to the lack there off.

    Basic experience in Unity, but fell in love with UE4 + Blueprints make my lack of coding knowledge a very small set back.

    Obsessive dedication that can sometimes be very harmful to my sleeping patterns! :P
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    @Scruff: Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work! (And there are quite a few people with horrible sleeping patterns too...)
  • Hey Hey,

    names Bruce, not a developer by trade but have done some stuff with java in android and other java stuff, c++ and qt framework, webgl and javascript, python and delphi pascal. want to get into game dev, wasnt sure where to start but started with hello world in Godot Game Engine, wanted to try Unity but i googled opensource and lead me to Godot. also planning to go through some Blender tutorials afterwards .. hopefully il be able to have fun and collab with some creatives in the group and actually make a simple game ...

    plan is to learn these things and teach some kids in my old neighborhood and wherever.
  • Hello @mm_snipa and @tinzo!

    Welcome to a space were you CAN actually connect and collaborate with South Africa's most creative game-makers. For the ultimate learning experience hang out with the people at the MGSA monthly meet ups, post your prototypes/showcase your portfolio and be open to suggestions - we are all learning together!
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  • Hello everybody. I'm Peter Sibambu and I've been an active gamer for over 15 odd years now. I hope I get to be a professional game tester for one of your many projects in the future or better yet join a crew to be a game developer myself. Gracias amigos
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  • Hi All!
    i am one of the founders of South Africa’s first fully-fledged game development community, here is the article on devmag and gamasutra , devmag.org.za/2009/04/29/game-dev-from-the-dark-continent/ .
    After dropping out of the scene for a while, i am getting back as a hobbyist with the slant towards Augmented Reality. Great to see the community is still alive and rocking!
  • Hey @dallasg

    Welcome to MGSA hope you have fun making games here :D
  • Greetings everyone.

    I'm an IT engineer and avid gamer ever since my I got my first PS One. I've recently started teaching myself 3d modeling online. I'm looking for anyone willing to give a driven individual, the chance to intern and see what the 3d modeling world is all about. So please give me a shout if you have any opportunities.
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    Hi, guys, I'm Farai. I've been interested in games ever since I was 8. I've been in coding for little over five years, but only very recently (3 years ago) taken seriously. I have experience with Unity and C#. I'm also, by hobby, an artist. Feel free to check out my deviant art profile with the same name faraiv1.deviantart.com

    I think I'm a better artist than a programmer, but that's just my opinion. I've taken the time to learn Javascript, C++, HTML5, VB.net, Java and C#.

    I'm also a pretty good script writer. I think it has something to do with reading a lot of fictional and non-fictional novels.

    I have experience with 3D Modelling and animation (Blender, Maya LT, Poser), comic book creation/manga (Manga Studio 5), concept art and backgrounds (Photoshop) .

    I've also taken the liberty to dabble in the most popular game engines available to understand their pipelines, such as Unity (mostly), Unreal Engine (vaguely). Limberyard (still new to this one, but since it's based on CryEngine, I hope the learning curve won't be too steep).

    My strongest assets are art/3D modelling and coding. My weakest asset is understanding new tech like game engines.

    I'm Zimbabwean, but have lived in South Africa for most of my life. I have a deep appreciation for this country and would like to be involved in making the game development scene more globally recognised. I also hope, in the near future, that RSA will have the same support structure for games that Northern/ European countries have garnered over the years.
  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Crystal Farmer. I'm a social anthropologist doing an ethnographic study on the game dev scene in South Africa, mainly focused on Cape Town. Though I don't make my own games [yet?], I am extremely enthusiastic about the local game dev scene. I am learning as much as I can about what seemed like sorcery before I started my study. For now, this is my Master's project, but I've realized that there's so much going on - I simply cannot do the community or the industry justice if I stop once my degree is in my hand. I plan to extend my study beyond my Master's into a PhD, or just do something useful with all the documenting I've been doing and still want to do.

    I like to lurk, chat, volunteer my (copious - because I'm a procrastinating thesis student) free time to game people, and live vicariously through through game developers. Sort of an insider-outsider hybrid. Like the Hokey-Pokey gone wrong.

    I've felt so welcome so far irl - thank you so much! What a wonderful community.
  • Hello World,

    I have had interest in game development for some time. I am an amateur / hobbyist programmer with no current portfolio. A few years ago I was a NEET and had all the time in the world to write scripts and play around in Unity. Sadly I lost pretty much everything I had ever worked on and with it the morale to start again. Well, a few years later I am a copier technician (Yeah ikr.) and bored as ever with life.

    I've decided that it's time to get back into programming and what better way to maintain focus than to work on something I truly enjoy: Games.

    I've joined this forum/community in hopes that others will be able to advise me, critique me, maybe even collaborate at some stage. I'm hoping that being a part of something bigger will give me the inspiration to stay motivated and work on a fresh portfolio. Within the next few years I'd really like to get out of the copier industry and move towards software dev, or, better yet; game dev.

    Truly appreciate the time many of you put into this forum. Really look forward to being a part of this forum, to getting back into the world of code, to getting to the point where i can find a fulltime job that doesn't require me to turn screws. Hopefully I will be able to contribute and share my own knowledge and experience with those newer than me too.

    All in due time.

  • Hi, I am AJ Kennedy.

    I have been a long time PC gamer, and occasional dabbler in game creation (created games in turbo pascal in my school days to learn the language and created models for a small indy game I used to play online).

    I am now an intellectual property attorney. I chose this field as I found the law interesting and hope to one day work in the ICT or software development industry (at a game dev studio and game publisher is a long time dream). Until then I work for corporates in the food and retail industries to pay the bills and learn what I can. I hope to help the community and learn more by doing so.

  • @AJK Welcome! Nice to have another legal mind on the boards!
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  • Hello all. My name is Michael and I'm a writer and independent filmmaker. I have a wildlife documentary series running on Animal Planet and I currently write content for a gaming news site on a freelance basis. Oh! And I've just started teaching myself how to make games with Unity :) Glad to be here. Nice to meet you all.
  • Welcome @texhkt! Hope you'll have a great time sinking your teeth into Unity and making your own games. Be sure to keep as all posted on your progress!
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  • Thanks @Benjets! I have everything planned out but a long road ahead of me. Looking forward to sharing something when I'm finally able to hammer it together on my own, but until then I'm just glad to be here :)
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  • Hello all. :)

    I am an author and screenwriter. I have published three epic fantasy novels akin to Lord of the Rings and Elder SCrolls V: Skyrim, and my debut horror novel, 'Silent Hill: Betrayal', which is my own story set in the horrific town based on the Konami game series. I have also written a sci-fi film screenplay called 'The Space Drifter' and collaborated with Majority Entertainment on an upcoming chinese epic fantasy movie (the details of which I cannot release at this point).

    I am hoping to meet game developers that are looking for writers in the fantasy / horror genres so that I can expand my talent pool and get my work further on-screen. I have played fantasy and horror games basically my whole life and have a wealth of creativity to share.

    Kind regards

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  • Hi all

    Been here for a while but only just realised that I haven't ever introduced myself here.

    I'm Kevin, an IT lawyer in Cape Town and colleague of @LexAquillia. I have a history (and interest) in film, writing, voice-acting and law, and have only just started learning how to code.

    As for the legal side, I'm here with the same goals as Nick - to put our skills toward helping this industry grow in any way that we can.

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  • Hi, I'm Megan, project administrator and marketing coordinator at game dev company https://celestial-games.com/. Total noob, in love with a game designer, best friends with DOTA masochists, love Plants versus Zombies and tabletops like Mansions of Madness and Pandemic.
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    Greetings. I'm Matthew - a level designer/environment artist in Cape Town.

    If you played Counter-Strike: Source on 'SGS' or 'IS' servers back in the day, you probably encountered my remake of the popular CS 1.6 map: de_dahsur3 by LAzor.

    My recent level design work includes all the environments for a game called Bunny Bash by DarkArts Studios, which is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

    Since mid-2016, I've been spending my time focused on adding 3D modelling in Blender to my skill set.

    Apart from building game environments and assets, I also have a particular interest in the application of Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) in video game audio.

    I joined Make Games SA because I'm hoping to get better acquainted with the game development industry in Cape Town.

    - http://matthewkerswill.com/
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