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I've been lurking on this topic for a while now, and I really appreciate how much creativity and effort everyone here puts into their work. I've also found some pretty insightful discussions here.

I used to be a programmer, and now I work as a network technician, but I've always had a passion for 3D and the CGI industry in general. I don't know how, but I've been fortunate enough to work as a 3D modeller, rigging artist, and look developer for freelance work and contract work, but I would really like to become a 3D artist on a full-time basis if the chance presents itself

I'll check with my employers to see if they will allow me to post the work that I've done for their company. I'm sure that over the eight years that I've been doing this, I've got enough contents to pull up a good portfolio:) I'm getting my artstation portfolio ready but I would just like to post a few personal work that I've done and hopefully get some feedback from you all of where I could improve and hopefully gain better knowledge.

Anyway, returning to the main topic, I'll be sharing a few works, including a few rigging, as well as demo videos of few in-house tools that I've developed to speed up workflow for everyone I've worked with.

Feel free to contact me (squidiisyd1@gmail.com) if you have any particular questions, or just reply on here :P

This first week i would just like to share some Zbrush concept sculpts that I've been doing for a clients/just personal fun and enjoyment, hopefully if i get the time translate a few of these sculpts into game meshes

First of of many are a few fantasy creatures such as this troll, Still a WIP but I like to have some preview renders before fully commuting.

05 Converted.jpg
2048 x 2048 - 465K
04 Converted.jpg
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03 Converted.jpg
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02 Converted.jpg
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01 Converted.jpg
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  • Nice!! I cant wait to see more of your work, check your inbox I've sent you a mail ;)
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    I've been working on a skin shader in Arnold and translating it to other game engines that support a PBR workflow, I'll probably go with this approach when presenting my realistic characters.

    The below is a test I did on the Louise Head provided by Eisko and was rendered using Unity, I'll do a few more test using Marmoset and compare. I tweaked the texture maps they provided and added a few more of my own to get the results I want.




    Quick tip for anyone interested for lighting test I made a basic 360 light rig to emulate what you would get in real world light stages such as the ones from ESPER,ICT or Eisko, Light Stage capture systems, this helps a lot when comparing reference images. Once I'm happy with everything using the light rig,I'm 95% certain the shader will work well in different environments.

    Now I just need to find all my NPR("Non Photorealistic Rendering") shaders that I've done so I can present my stylized work.

    900 x 900 - 30K
    900 x 900 - 41K
    900 x 900 - 47K
    900 x 900 - 47K
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  • Guess I was lucky posting a few preview renders the other day, one of the forum members reached out needing help with a personal project,lately my work schedule has been atrocious but I was able to complete what he wanted in a couple of days

    thought i would share a clay render of one of the game characters he had a vision for, I changed the clothes to a WIP that I've been doing in my spare time

    Troll02 Renders tweaked.jpg
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  • Thought I might share since my team and I were laughing about this the other day that In our zoom call, I gave you the detail of what I needed which was 3 Characters and a few props but I forgot to mention when I'll need it finished, later the same day I sent you an email that I needed it in 4 months and we could make it a 4 month employment contract. 2 day later in the morning I see a reply with 2 finished game ready characters with all the props that were based off concepts that I told one of our artist to send you, I spat out my coffee when I saw how quick that was and the quality was way better than I expected. Syd you've definitely checked all my boxes, hopefully I can contact you again once I finish with this current project, can't wait to see what else you do :) .

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  • imageimage

    this is my work on I old P.C is slow
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    669 x 741 - 196K
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