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Hey everyone, hope you're all well!

My name's Mayur. I just finished my game music reel so I'm posting here for anyone that wants to take a listen. I studied sound engineering at college and I've been producing music for about 6 years now and been playing instruments for even longer. I've been playing games my whole life though so I don't know why it took me so long to marry the two, but here we are!
I'll be doing a second part soon focusing on sound FX/design and implementation, but I'm still getting to grips with that. Any feedback/advice of any kind is really appreciated as well and I'm also really eager to work so if anyone likes what they hear don't hesitate to hit me up!


  • I'd really like to see what you have once you add sound fx, because I think that'll change the soundscape quite a lot. My gut feel is that for the sci-fi one you may find that the music itself might want to avoid the thumping bass, given how much there seems to be in the way of gunfire and explosions and slow-mo. In the ambient one, there were two synths playing, where one had a more of a melody line and the other was slow and "stringy" -- I felt that they weren't in tune, with the melody one being tuned slightly sharper and felt off. I don't know if that was intentional, but I found that quite uncomfortable.

    My favourite was the last one. I liked how the bass wasn't so exaggerated, so I could imagine the rumble of a charging dino still having lots of impact. I felt like it was the closest stylistic fit of the three, but I also haven't played H:ZD, so I have no reference point.

    I don't know how good this is as a suggestion, but I'd personally try to avoid scoring very popular video games. It's likely that someone watching knows each of those games, and is already familiar with what they sound like, and what the games' various audio and narrative themes are. It's asking for us to compare what you've made with what someone who's not only doing it professionally and has more intimate access with whoever's doing creative direction, but who likely has access to a live orchestra, making it really difficult for you to come out ahead in that comparison. I'd suggest using some indie titles, or AA games, particularly those that might be good games, but which were done on a budget that makes it more likely that you'd be competing on a fairer playing field. (But again, I don't know how useful this necessarily is, whether someone who's in a position to hire for something like this can see past that.)
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  • Thanks so much for your feedback! Those are some solid points.
    The ambient piece was definitely supposed to be a bit unsettling, but maybe it was too much.
    I think what you're saying about scoring these giant popular AAA games is very true, especially considering locally we're pretty much entirely indie. I just wanted to kind of start and get something done and out so I didn't think it through too hard. But I'm gonna be constantly revising and I think for the next iteration I'm definitely going to consider this point and score some games that are more relevant to my own potential working level and local scene. And yeah, SFX are being worked on so that will be definitely be part of it too.

    Thank you so much for watching and sharing your thoughts though, I really appreciate it!
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