Agra the Agoraphobe [Feedback please]



I've continued to work on my game from the Free Lives Game Jam and here it is:

Playing through will only take about 10 minutes and I'm keen to hear if you think I should continue development or leave it as it is?

Is this a worthwhile idea? Does it make sense? Is it enjoyable and should I create new art assets (particularly for the outside area)?

I'm really just wondering whether or not this is something to pour more time into.

Looking forward to hearing!
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    I remember playing this during the game jam. It's a fun little game. I did mention it reminded me a bit of the game called 'Minit'. Maybe have a look at it for some ideas.

    Regarding spending more time on it - it all depends what more you want to do on it? Do you just want to improve the assets?

    If you're new to game development and you've never finished a game, I'd say definitely stick to it and finish it. You'll learn a lot from doing so. But I'd say keep it small and just polish it a bit more.

    I hope my 2 cents helped.
  • Oh, wow. I was gonna be petty and moan about your graphics, but then I played the game for a few minutes. The underlying concept is really unique, somehow the constant repeating of going out and resetting makes this an interesting mechanic. I would take this further if I was you. Some thoughts are below.

    [-]The outside environment needs to be designed better, the player has a very brief and constrained time on each outing, it needs to be balanced better, it feels like there needs to be more points of interest and some more eye candy.
    [-]The setting is somewhat weird, a guy living underground with psychological problems, going out into the woods to collect medicine and food. I would go with something a bit more main-stream, how about using poison rain, poisoned air or radiation, you could develop a whole back story and even feed it into some sort of a game story.
    [-]Loot is way too random, about 70% of the time I got thrown back into the house with it being impossible to reach something to collect.
    [-]The music gets repetitive very quickly, the level does not, get some more music or just offset the start of the song.

    IMO this has a lot of potential, it makes me wish there was enough gameplay for an hour and makes me wonder what I would have encountered at that point, people, equipment, upgrade items, recipies, crafting puzzles, story... The core of this game is great, with a lot of polish you got yourself an excellent game here.
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