Banana Republic Trailer Part 1

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Original idea was in unisa's osprey forum,176607 which I wrote in 2012. unfortunately those forums were later closed only for students.

I spoke about this idea in 2014 in the this post.

Some screenshots are in this posts.
Thanks to guys who responded to that post. I spend months solving spine issues writing my own batch classes. something I never wanted to do!

We spend last two years developing the games (2D using cocos2d-x, 3d using Unity) and they are still too far from finish. We decided to drop all other games we were working on and focus on this two as they have similar elements.
I will write full description of the games once a teaser trailer we are working on is finished.

nkandla_camera positioning1.JPG
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  • Local politics? What's your target market here?
  • That 3D model of president Zuma is a pretty rad caricature.

    I'm not 100% sure what is going on in these screenshots. One of them looks a bit like Zuma and the ANC killing EFF Zombies? Another seems to be set in a scene in Inkhangla? And you've also got some nice models of South African houses.

    I take it you're going with the Inkhangla idea. I love that you're trying to portray the corruption in the South African government in your game.

    Sorry to hear you're giving up on a bunch of work. I know that's hard. But focussing on something you can make playable soon makes sense. (I'd suggest it's worth testing it ASAP to get some feedback and test your idea).

  • Your last screenshot makes it look like a sort of plants vs. zombies type of thing - I think that could work really well with EFF zombies attaching the house of parliament.

    To just sort of echo @critic above, what is your target market here? I think it is a really awesome idea to take on corruption and the political climate, but I think if you are going for something with a political message I would actually stay away from the traditional spear and shield get up. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I think in SA having the president running around in that during randomly in his house (or you know, killing zombies) would make it way too easy to dismiss your game as simply racist, rather than having your actual message come through. When JZ dresses that way, it is generally only during cultural events (like funerals or weddings) and not just randomly - its a pretty respectful thing (In my opinion anyway), as opposed to the red berets which are definitely something I think you could put in the firing line if you are doing something political - they do come to the house of parliament dressed in red.

    I could just be over sensitive, but I would just reflect on it for a moment.
  • Updated the video. We will try updating every week.
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