iNkandla Game Idea

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Will I get arrested for making iNkandla game?

The rules are simple

Play as a corrupt official
Source undocumented funds from projects such as e-toll, taxes and mining tycoons, use those funds to build iNkandla.

The goal of the game is to build the most expensive iNkadla.

What do u think?
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  • Think it would be cool to see you post a game instead of a book review :)
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    @FanieG time is not in my hands. Im a third level student in both Applied math and Cs, that's 40hours a week. I play chess professionally, that's +- 6 Practice hours a week. I talk to people, +-5hours a week. The rest, I must eat, sleep, drink beer and play GTA5!
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    @Skinnyboy - just curious as to why then pitch the game idea? Are you hoping that someone else would make the game? Very much doubt it. Most people here have their own cool ideas to work on. Also, with the knowledge of ALL those books you have been reading and then punting as superior to anything else ever read by anyone else, making a game should be sooo easy for you. Lastly, you should really leave those poor bears alone. Maybe cut down on the GTA playtime or check out @Rigormotis' ideas on changing chess. As a pro player your input could be valuable. Make games.
  • What about making iNkandla as a card game? Feels like it would lend itself to that sort of format and it's usually quicker to produce :)
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  • @rustybroomhandle works a full-time job. He leaves the house at 6:30am, and gets back at 7:20pm (if his train was on time). He helps me manage a 13,000 member gaming community which frequently has him installing game server updates and getting mods to work in the evenings and weekends. Often on week nights we don't eat until 8pm, and we need to go to bed at 10pm because we both need to et up so early. And yet somehow he finds the time to work on two games simultaneously, while also participating in frequent game jams, being an active member of several communities, keeping up with other gaming news and indie developers on the internet, and sometimes he even manages some time to play games himself.

    If you want to be a game designer, make games. If you're passionate about game design, you'll find time, because you'll HAVE to find time. Creative people have to create - they don't have a choice. Their brains won't let them NOT create.
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    I just remembered I had an idea similar to this called The Premier when they were looking for new games to submit to AMAZE 2013. I wonder if I can build this in something like Adventure Game Studio, like Castle of Dr. Brain and Jones in the Fast Lane?
  • For what it's worth, I'd call it "Homestead" . I'm thinking something like Agricola or Alahambra
  • I have an idea! Copy Agricola's gameplay but instead of jobs like "Farm" or "Blacksmith", you have "Embezzle" and "Acquire Tender". Don't forget you farm homestead needs a fire pool and tukshop
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