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  • etiennea said:
    the prototype is just a blocked out version of the game at this point and not very interesting to watch any gameplay at this stage.
    I have some screen recordings of level walk through here (towards the end):
    You should consider sharing your prototype and making it available for download. It looks like something people can probably play and give you feedback on already :)
  • Did they often paint numbers onto these older planes?

  • Did they often paint numbers onto these old planes?

  • I think it looks kinda cool as a paper airplane with a conspiracy theorist's lunatic scribbling all over it. :D

    Is there a reason you weight painted it? It looks like, as a mechanical, hard surface object, it could be rigged as-is without the weight painting.

    You absolutely can play-test story. If the game's really good, there will be plenty of people who haven't played it who can still buy it. If the game isn't, nobody will care enough to share it anyway. I mean, it might matter if you were sharing the game on a games site with very high traffic, but this is a game dev forum on the tip of Africa: a niche group within a niche group. It doesn't have to be with us, but you absolutely should be showing it to other people, especially people who aren't afraid to tell you if it's bad, and people who might have a rough idea of the monetary value of the product, or might give suggestions on where the most immediate/biggest gains on your investment might be, and what sorts of hooks might be worth spending 2-3 months working on. (Especially because I don't think one of those hooks is likely to be a cinematic plane. I've never been involved in the 3D model-selling market, mainly because my impression is that it's not great out there.) Obviously if you're doing this just for fun, then screw it, just keep on keeping on, and express yourself in wonderful, creative ways.

    Where do you stay? If you're not comfortable posting things online, you could show progress at one of the meetups if you're in the area.
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  • cool stuff. i feel like Ive been lazy with the way i make games. good job on the plane model.
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