Not Safe For Work (18+): "Genital Jousting" launched on Early Access


  • @EvanGreenwood, the tentapeens look great!
    Obvious stuff, but I'll mention my thoughts anyway:
    - The ice bits would look nice floating about
    - Is it possible to increase the number of segments in each member? It isn't noticeable in the smaller ones, but the tentapeens are sort of jarring.
    - Water ripple rings look good! Timing them to the strikes would be cool.
    - @Elyaradine mentions the Dune worms, and I get the same vibe. Building on that, maybe if a tentapeen scores a direct strike on a member it could suck it up/latch on with its meatus, and toss it into the water.
  • If those are cold icebergs floating in the water, wouldn't the wangs be smaller?
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  • @mikethetike We have implemented a ball-shrinking mechanic for cold water now.
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    The game has been on sale for a month now. We're busy trying to put out our first content update.

    Nearly 50,000 sales is particularly good considering Steam didn't promote the game at all. We might have an opportunity now that the dust has settled to receive some promotion, Steam apparently are feeling less nervous about the game.

    By comparison Broforce made 70,000 sales in its first month, and while I wouldn't expect Genital Jousting to have the lasting appeal of Broforce, this is still a better start than I expected.


    The refunds are a lot higher than with Broforce (which has 3.4% refunds). But I don't think this is surprising with such a short game (you can definitely see all the content in under 2 hours) and a game that people might purchase (for themselves or someone else) as a joke rather than to enjoy.

    (And for a game like this, I'm super happy that Steam allows refunds, much better that than to have angry and/or offended customers leaving negative reviews)
  • Congrats Evan, those are great numbers dude! 100% agree about the refunds, a positive rating is worth much more than some dudes 5 bucks. :)
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  • @EvanGreenwood just saw your game being featured on Tosh.0 on comedy central. It was hilarious. Well done!!!
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  • @FanieG Is that a recent video? (or is it the one they did in March 2016) ?
  • @EvanGreenwood probably a re-run (knowing comedy central), but i missed it in March so it was still cool to see. The skit he did along with the ''review'' was real funny. Did you guys see a spike in interest when this first aired? Seems like the right target market for the game.
  • @FanieG Can you point me to the video please. I can figure out if there was a spike based on the date.
  • I think this episode was from back in March 2016... and I think it did get a fair amount of "exposure" for the game then, but the game wasn't on sale or really had any analytics to track this, so I can't say more than the episode is really rad and I'm proud something we did facilitated this happening.
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  • image

    It's been nearly two months since we launched, and we just cross the 100,000 sales mark.

    Part of the reason for this happening so soon, is that Valve decided that they were willing to feature the game. At launch they kept the game off of the front page, I gather for fear of a negative backlash (though I'm not sure if they were concerned for us or themselves). Apparently the response to the game convinced them that they could feature the game, so they included it in their summer sale (a little ahead of when they usually accept games, given its recent release).

    You can see the second bump on the graph for when Genital Jousting was 25% off over Christmas.

    How many of those were joke gifts to relatives is of course impossible to tell (though presumably some of them didn't refund the game).
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  • @EvanGreenwood, the continued success of freelives is absolutely inspiring. Is there any news on where you guys are heading on next for this? More penises?
  • So do girl gamers like to play with tentapeens? Apprently, they totally do:

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    It's a bit out of date now, but Free Lives developed a Valentine's Update for Genital Jousting. It's a two player mode to be played with your significant other (or random strangers online).

    It's everything you expect of a romantic journey through life in a genitals-only universe (including such diverse activities as taking misbehaving dachshunds for a walk, Netflix and chill, getting married and experiencing the awe and wonder of childbirth).

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    Of course, not everyone is a fan of Genital Jousting. "Hitlerfan" here adds his considered opinion:


    Also, think of the children!


    And also, some think that homosexuals might enjoy the game (and that is a bad thing in their minds):


    And some think the game is just pretty bad, and a disgrace:


    Though seriously, there are definitely valid reasons not like Genital Jousting. And there's plenty of valid criticism that has been leveled at us and I don't want to discourage it (we'd like the game to be as good as we can make it).

    Still, it is strangely fascinating finding clearly awful people on the internet ("hitlerfan" seems like an actual fan of Hitler as far as I can tell) being upset by something we've created.
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  • Well, my advertising lecturer once told me "if you cant afford to drive a campaign, then drive as much controversy as possible" so kudos on all the free marketing haha.

    I haven't been able to test this yet but I'm looking forward to doing "local community development research" and asking my boss for her opinion on it.

    Will report back
  • We wrote an article about some of our concerns about the game, about the direction its heading conceptually, and some of our thoughts about the subject matter of the game in general. We'd love feedback of course. If you'd like to read these thoughts they can be found here:

    Again a bit late. But we updated the game again with a few new features. Check out the trailer here:

  • The reactions of the players in the watch girls play video is hilarious. HA HA
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    We finally exited Early Access!

    There's still some work to do, I'm not sure that any game launches with all the features the developers wanted in it, and we haven't seen any videos yet of players playing - which might reveal bugs that urgently need fixing.

    But, in a week or two we might be finished with the game :)

    Assuming there's no updates, but we won't commit to anything large content updates until we've seen how this final Early Access update pans out.

    Here's the launch trailer:

    At some point I'd like to do a post mortem, just about what I learned that wasn't clear to me before I started this project.
  • This is what I call a gamedev masterpiece.
  • the best possible way!
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    Lol Evan.....

    All that Mauritian Air (or 420) does wonders for the imagination....
    Congrats on the launch buddy!
    I'm hoping to announce my Steam Greenlight status soon for my project. working hard..
    Good to see you pushing some new content for all to consume.

    Best Regards
    Graham -Novacane89
  • High-fives @EvanGreenwood, @Nekropants, @Squidor, @jaysong and all the other Free Lives folk who made this happen!
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