Looking to start my industry journey as an artist.

Hi, I've got an artwork post here on the forum:
I also have work on Artstation:
Feel free to check out my work:)

What I am looking for is to start gaining experience in doing art for games and working with clients.
If you like what you see in my work and you want me to do art for you, personal message me anytime.

If you have any advice for me regarding art in the industry, feel free to share.

Any help will be appreciated.


  • No contact details. Please send me a mail Riaan.bothma@me.com
  • My email is coredeep888@gmail.com
    My cell no is 0722 139 007
  • It'd help a lot if you could describe what role you want to take in making a game, and what sorts of studios you'd be targeting with what you do. Without that, it's just going to be "learn your fundamentals; figure out who you're competing against, and work consistently to be as good as/better than them", which applies to pretty much everything. :P
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  • @Elyaradine, thanx for the good advice:D
    I am working towards becoming a concept artist. At the moment, doing creature designs and environments inspires and interests me greatly.
    I am open to creating any sort of art for games as I'll learn from the process.

    For me, if I can build my portfolio from work that I enjoyed and which inspires me, it shall make the path ahead easier I believe. It will also be fun.

    With regards to what studios I'll be targeting relates to what I enjoy creating, namely fantasy, dark fantasy and science fiction art.
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    I suggest being much more specific with regard to what studios you're be targeting. If you know exactly which studio(s) you're targeting, then you can find their existing (or, even better, future!) games and their existing artists, and build a solid idea of what kind of art styles, what sorts of levels of detail and fidelity, etc., that they're likely to be hiring for. For example, your current work would probably make you ineligible for the majority of local studios, who're likely looking for more colourful art with broad appeal. (I can't speak for them; it's just a guess.) If, for example, you were targeting something along the lines of Dark Souls, then you'd have to look at Dark Souls art books, find FromSoftware concept artists and look for their portfolios, or the concept art they used on Dark Souls, and aim to do something along those lines (at a minimum).

    Also be aware that concept art is one of the most difficult fields for artists to break into as a specialisation -- many generalists in-house are able to paint, and while they may not be as good/fast as a specialist concept artist (of the same experience level), many of them who have years of industry experience absolutely paint/concept far better than a newbie concept artist would. There are also generally far lower numbers required in a team.

    I also think it's worth looking at portfolios of existing (experienced) concept artists, to get an idea of what you're competing against, both in terms of content (what kind of work are they showing? ortho views? environment cutaways? mood boards? variations on the same character?) and in terms of quality.

    Here are the portfolios of 4 South Africans who've been working full-time as concept artists, just so you have an idea. They have varying years of experience, and thus varying skill levels, but they've all been good enough to land full-time concept art gigs.
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  • @Elyaradine, valuable feedback, great, thanx:)
    A problem I have been having is thinking (taking up most of my time) of what to create. Now I've got a very good idea of what to do. I should focus on what in the game development industry makes concept art, concept art. Looking at what other artists show in their portfolios will give me the direction I need. What has been required of them will be industry standard, I believe.

    Wow! The 4 artists mentioned in the above post work is great.Very inspiring.

    I'm psyched for the upcoming challenges, growing as an artist and creating coherent art that hopefully inspires others to do better.
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  • Your best bet is to create a world that interests you and create art for that world. It doesn't need endless lore or back story just a framework to hang your art off of.

    The best art school in the world for game and film design IMHO is Feng Zhu Design , you can browse their school projects here; http://fengzhudesign.com/ and follow their lectures here; http://fengzhudesign.com/tutorials.htm

    I've met Feng and he is on another level in terms of creativity.

    Good Luck
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  • If you want to chat with a concept artist, Drop Furio an email. https://www.artstation.com/artist/furio
    He is based in Joburg and his game art is incredible. I am sure he could give you a few industry related tips.
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  • @bischonator, thanx for the information:)
    Your best bet is to create a world that interests you and create art for that world. It doesn't need endless lore or back story just a framework to hang your art off of.
    That will give me a skeleton to flesh out, great:) I'm already inspired.
    Wow, they do awesome work:) A place I'll definitely visit often.

    Furio's work is awesome. The talent and expertise I am being exposed to makes me excited to think that games of the future will only be more incredible.
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