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    @mgeorgedeveloper Just play tested the latest build. Very impressive. Loving it! Off to play some more now and making some notes for feedback.

    Edit: Feedback provided on Discord channel. Overall impression, I AM BLOWN AWAY. But it needs a little work still as indicated. :)
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  • Hello all!


    Our third and final public Steam Playtest is now live!

    Just click the Request Access button on our Steam page and you will get immediate access to the game.

    This release includes a wide variety of new features compared to the previous playtest, like optional secure areas to reach and the new weapon upgrades system.

    Please note that the online scoreboards have been cleared for this Playtest release.
    The online scoreboards will also be cleared again on day one of the Early Access release.

    Rogue Shift will release on Steam Early Access on September 7th.

    The initial Early Access release will include:
    - Story mode chapter 1 and 2.
    - Doomed mode with one map (Edge of Doom)
    - Escape mode with one map (Outpost)
    - Co-op up to 4 players for Doomed and Escape.

    Read the full details regarding the Early Access release here on our Steam page:
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  • ROGUE SHIFT is now out of Early Access.

    It was an extremely long journey to get here. At some points, the project stood still for a few months at a time and in recent years my day to day work shifted more and more toward the multiple Crytivo titles I'm working on (Farm Folks and The Universim).

    But I never lost sight of finishing Rogue Shift at least to a respectable level that reached all the main objectives. For most of 2022, I spent every single weekend pushing forward to complete this project (usually putting a few hours into either Saturday or Sunday).

    Since the original Early Access release, a huge amount of feedback has been taken into account and we released around 38 incremental builds to Steam to reach v1.0.

    Along the way, Richard @iceblademush also stuck around right to the end, providing models and stuff without which the game could not exist.

    Even though the game never really gained a huge amount of traction, I'm still extremely proud of the level of polish and the overall content and features achieved.

    The game is on sale now at a 40% release discount:

    Rogue Shift steam store page
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  • Congratulations on finally getting Rogueshift out! Wow, that's a long journey and impressive dedication!

    Bought it! I'm gonna check it out.

    I know early on a couple of us were offering feedback. It looks like that feedback got implemented, but I'm sorry that whatever advice we were giving wasn't enough to make loads of people take notice and buy the game. I hope it was good advice.
  • Thanks for the support @EvanGreenwood

    Yes a huge amount of feedback was taken into account and implemented. I really, really tried to push the quality to the absolute maximum, and streamline and polish every aspect of the game.

    But at the end of the day, it's just not really a game that the masses want, and that's OK.

    I'm super proud of completing it and I can say honestly that I didn't just "give up" and release a half-baked game. I tried to complete it as if 100K fans where waiting for release day.
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