Developers needed to create a soccer video console game.

I'm looking for developers who can create a soccer video game. One that will be used on platforms such as P's, xbox and Pc. The game shouldn't be far off the quality of fifa or Pes.
Thank you


  • Hi there. If this is for a position that you're hiring, you'll need to provide a lot more info, like a role description, location, remuneration, etc. If you're looking for a company, there's a list of options here you can consider. You might also want to check out this Unity asset that's in development (you'd likely still need a developer, but it's a start).

    Also note that the budget for a game with the quality of "FIFA" is quite large (in the millions of $ I think), so be prepared to have a similar budget if you want a similar level of quality.
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  • Have you build something to show your progress? I am asking this question because South African game programmers can't even fill a bus in terms of numbers, so most of them are working on their own projects. It will be hard for someone to quit their own projects and join your project if you have not made enough progress on your own. In previous years I tried to convince my friends who are computer scientists to join me and major response was that I was crazy because games are extremely hard to make. Around me there are many programmers I know, but none of them can make games or even want to try to make games because they just want jobs, while programming a game is not a job but a lifestyle. You must be able to live it, breath it, talk about it and dream about it. Out of all programs I had written, games are the hardest to write because its almost like recreation and so many things tend to break while you are trying to build the next one. Before I have heard people saying it is easy to build games, but when I check those people's profiles, I find out that they have been programming since they were kids!!! So they might know something that us who took many thousands of hours to train ourselves using all the resources we can find i.e. Books, videos, web tutorials web and forum advise, we do not know. So if you know that game dev industry does not even exist in south Africa because of the less number of programmers, you must form an extreme strategy if you want those very few programmers to join your team. That is my advise, but I hope that you succeed in every way.

    Note that in my response I use "game programmer" instead of game developer, simply because I believe that everyone in the team is a game developer. . . And because the greatest shortage is programming that's why I referred to it mostly and without a programmer on your team you have no game.

    Good luck
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