Simple Soccer Football Kit (for Unity)

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Simple Soccer Football Kit is a Unity asset, soccer starter kit, that makes it easy for you to create soccer games. It is primarily aimed at simple, action soccer games.

The soccer kit is available for sale

Please check the manual for setup instructions and upgrade guidelines.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
You can also email me at:

Requires Unity 5.2.1 or higher.

Demos are available here:


Easy to modify/add:
- Teams. The kit has 8 teams, and the number can be increased (or decreased).
- Players. Numerous player properties are available to edit.
- Playing fields.
- Soccer balls. There are 3 balls available: white soccer ball, bowling ball, beach ball.
- It is also easy to replace the existing art assets with your own.

- Works on desktop, web and mobile.
- Support for 2 players (not on mobile).
- Various input methods (e.g. keyboard, mouse, gamepad, accelerometer, touch), and easy to add new ones.
- 2 types of tournaments: Log based (e.g. leagues) and single-elimination.
- Includes the source code.



Please provide any feedback and questions.
You can also email me directly at:






  • Interesting. I honestly have no clue if there is a demand for an asset (I have zero idea about any Unity assets). Do you know if there is a demand, or is this something you're spinning off from a project you're working on? Do you have plans to make it generic enough so it can be used for other similar sports like rugby, netball, basketball, etc.? How much are you working on the player modelling stuff? I would assume this is a fairly major component of the annual "realistic" sports games.
  • Thanks for the questions :)
    I think most people who use the asset will replace the characters with their own IP. At the moment, the graphics are more functional than aesthetic.

    No, not aiming for similar sports, just focusing on soccer. (But I'm open to the idea of modifying it for other sports.)

    The asset is an update of a 2D game I made a few years ago. Over the years I've had requests to license the engine, but have been reluctant to because the 2D version was difficult to modify. Then I decided to make a 3D version which is much easier to modify.
  • Superficially it would seem like modifying it for some similar sport might be fairly easy and pretty good "bang for your buck" but soccer is also the best first bet I'd guess, and then you can probably expand later if there's a demand. That said, I'm assuming here that soccer doesn't already have an existing Unity asset you'd be competing with, whereas other sports might be more under-served.

    I think you might be surprised at the number of project that don't end up replacing your characters. Especially for prototypes. Maybe that's just my cynicism in game developers and our laziness efficiency ;)
  • Hey this is cool @Dipso :) @francois has a good point, if your game rules are well encapsulated, you should be able to write alternate rules to bring out kits for similar team sports.
  • @francoisvn
    There are 8 soccer kits on the Asset Store. 3 of those are similar to mine (2 of which focus mainly on multiplayer), and the rest are flick or table soccer. Yes, I will be competing against them :)

    Thanks, Matt :)
    I haven't developed the game with the intention of supporting similar team sports.
    Thanks for pointing out the encapsulating of the rules. I'll keep it in mind going forward.
  • Cool, do you plan on trying to differentiate yourself from those other 3 assets in some way? Perhaps you don't need to, 3 isn't that many, but I'm a little curious. Do you think a lack of multiplayer will be a big issue for potential customers?
  • Yes, mainly in the gameplay. Mine being more arcady. Network/online multiplayer is something I would like to add if there is enough interest. I don't know if the lack thereof will be an issue for potential customers. It's something to think and ask about :)

    I've added an Android demo and a PC demo to the first post.
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  • Cool :) Some feedback on the web demo (thank you ieTab!):
    1) You have what feels distinctly like a periodic GC collect happening, which would be an instant sale-killer for me and I'm sure others. The profiler should pick up what's happening there pretty quickly.
    2) On-screen controls would be good, particularly since it's a tech demo and not an actual game. You want your potential customers to get it ASAP
    3) Why not just simplify the player select flow to play as soon as you select a team, rather than having to click next. Or somehow make it clearer that those buttons won't progress you.
  • Thanks for the feedback.
    1) Will definitely check that out.
    2) Good idea :)
    3) The player might accidentally click a team while scrolling through the list of teams. But I'll expose an option on the menu's component to play as soon as a team has been selected (and 2 teams selected in the 2-player game). As you, some other devs might prefer that :)
  • Hey Dipso, This is cool man! played a bit and it's actually pretty rad, good job.
    Two things that stood out for me.
    1) I agree with @mattbenic about the flow of the UI, It was a sticking point for me when I played.
    2) I find the balls movement during the run is distracting because it bobs back and forth from the feet, is this something thats hardcoded or can be tweaked from the front end?
    3) I made a soccer ball you can download the package if you want to use it, or not.
    Keep on keepin' on!
  • Thanks @Pomb :)
    1) I'll +1 the priority of updating the team select UI :)
    2) The ball movement is something I'm planning to tweak. At the moment it is hard coded. I'm open to suggestions on how to make it feel better.
    3) Thanks for the ball. It looks great, as well as the other stuff on your site :) I like your art style.
    What is the license agreement of using the ball in a commercial Unity asset?

  • @Dipso,
    I would suggest a slight easing of the movement curve out and the ball actually doesn't come to a stop the player meets the ball, unless the player stops running then I'd expect the ball to be handled to stop.

    I think it's the license agreement where you can use it freely for whatever you want, I believe it's the Creative Commons (CC) license
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    Thanks @Pomb
    I've added the ball and it looks great :)
    I'll try out your suggestion for the movement.

    Thanks @Blackson :)

    New ball:
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  • I played some more. I can't score! it's so hard haha
    I really want to tap to sprint faster after the ball after kicking it ahead into the open.
    You need to normalize the speed on the dudes you can easily game the AI by running diagonals around them
    Also I made you a picture if you want.
  • Thanks for the feedback :)
    Someone else also said it's difficult to score and they want to sprint. I'll tone down the goalkeeper's skill, and add an optional sprint button. There are a few AI properties that might make it more difficult to get past them. I'll look into it :)

    The image looks cool :)
    At the moment I want to avoid using art you create, unless its stuff you've done in the past and was already available free for the general public. Such as the soccer ball :) I want to pay artists for work they do for me, and at the moment I cannot afford to.
    But thanks for doing the image, it really looks cool :)

    I like the sleek feel, it almost feels sci-fi-ish, which fits the team logos. (I designed them to feel like a sci-fi soccer game.)

    The only “negative” crits (but also based on personal taste) are:
    - It needs more colour to fit the game's arcady feel :)
    - The text will probably work better if it is larger, especially on small mobile screens.
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  • I've updated the web version.

    Updates include:
    - New soccer ball, by Paul Lombard @Pomb (
    - Team select menu goes to next screen when you click on a team.
    - Auto select the nearest player when an opponent gets the ball.
    - Toned down the goalkeeper's skill.

  • Mixamo Free Animations

    For a limited time, Mixamo's animations are available for free.
    You can use them in your commercial games, but not in Unity assets sold on the Asset Store (because FBX files and animations are exposed in a Unity project).
    I'm currently using some of their animations in my soccer kit, but I will replace them before I release the kit.
    I suggest you get the animations before the free period ends. So that you can use them in your soccer games.

    Soccer animations:

    Explanation of their license agreement (read through all the posts):

  • Is there anything special that I need to do to get the mouse input to work? It doesn't seem to do anything, although keyboard works fine.
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    You should see a blue circular cursor on the ground (at the location of the mouse cursor). The players run/kick towards the cursor.
    Is it not working in the web or PC build?
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    Dipso said:
    You should see a blue circular cursor on the ground (at the location of the mouse cursor). The players run/kick towards the cursor.
    Is it not working in the web or PC build?
    No, this isn't working for me. Haven't tried the PC build, only the web build in FF.
    p.s. My mouse works find to control the UI/ menus.
  • Thanks for the update.
    Which version of Windows and FF are you using?
  • Windows 10, FF 46.0.1 (wow, they need to calm down with versions already).
  • Thanks @roguecode
    If you have some time, please run this web build and select the mouse input:

    It will display some text on the screen during the match.
    Just after kick off, please take a screenshot and email it to me:
  • Doh! I just found out that you need to go into options and select mouse. That wasn't obvious, so you may want to mention that along with the controls. I had assumed that all three would work, or that it would be like Fifa where you choose your controller when you start a match.
  • Phew! Crisis averted!
    I'll mention it along with the controls.
    Thanks :)
  • I've updated the demos.

    - Sprint button. Hold down to sprint. Sprint lasts a short while and recharges when not used. Can be turned off in the Options menu.
    - Help popup that explains controls.
    - You can perform an action just before getting the ball. Only works for the playing being passed to.
    - Improved selection of which player to change to, when pressing the change player button.

    What I'm busy with
    - Tournaments.
    - Tweaks, fixes & minor updates.

  • I've updated the web demo.

    - Mini-map: Can be turned off in the Pause menu.
    - Some AI can change direction while sliding.
    - AI can sidestep a sliding opponent. They can not be tackled while they are sidestepping.

    Updates not visible in demo
    - Updates to the tournament system.
    - Added 4 options to the field properties to allow the ball to go out the field. Each is a distance the ball is allowed to go out on 1 of the 4 sides of the field (top, bottom, left and right). Example: An indoor field might have walls just outside the field's play area, but you want the ball to be able to go out, bounce against the wall and back into play.

    What I'm busy with
    - Tournaments.
    - Tweaks, fixes & minor updates.

  • I've updated the web demo.

    - 4 tournaments: 2 log based and 2 single-elimination.
    - 8 teams, but you can only select 2. The others appear in the tournament as opponents.

    Please Note: The demo's tournament matches are only 20 seconds long, to show how the tournament system works. If you play in a match that requires a winner and it ends in a draw, then a random winner will be selected (e.g. final match or an elimination match). (In the non-demo version, if the scores are tied then the match goes into sudden death, and the first team to score wins.)

    What I'm busy with
    - Audio, particles.
    - Tweaks, fixes & minor updates.

  • I've updated the web demo.

    - Music and sound effects. There's default music for the matches, but each field can override the default music. Each field can also have ambient sounds.
    - Particles.
    - Goal celebration and own goal animation.
    - Game difficulties: easy, medium, difficult. Select the difficulty on the Team Select screen.
    - Camera tweaks.
    - Tweaked shooting.

    What I'm busy with
    - Tweaks, fixes & minor updates.

  • I've added a smaller field which has fewer players on the field. Each field can override the default number of players in the team. The small field is not available in the demo.





  • Good luck with the asset looks great and I expect there are many people that want to build sports games.

    I hope you have taken the time to build a WIP thread on the Unity forums. If so please add that link here too.

    Its a great way to build hype within the Unity community and evaluate interest there before you launch on the Store. That having been said please do keep us all updated too.
  • Did a little search on the Unity forums and looks like you already there :)
  • Thanks for the compliments @tbulford :)
    Good idea to include the link here. I've added it to the first post.

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  • Release Date and Cost

    I aim to release the kit for sale on my website within the next few days, but no later than 3 June.
    I will also submit it to the Asset Store a few days after it's released on my site. If the Asset Store approval goes well then it should be available on the Asset Store in about 3-4 weeks (17-24 June).

    I would like to sell it for $50 as a release sale special, and possibly increase the price in the future. But I will only increase the price in the future if developers are willing to pay more for such a soccer kit.


  • I am happy to announce that the soccer kit is available for sale :)

    Please check the manual for setup instructions and upgrade guidelines.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    You can also email me at:

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  • Is it going to be on the Asset Store as well? And do you have a twitter account I can follow and retweet about it?
  • I aim to submit it to the Asset Store next week.
    I don't have a twitter for it yet. Wondering if I should open a separate one or use an existing one.

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    Top Down Camera
    I did a test with the a top down camera, to recreate a view similar to the old school soccer games (such as Microprose Soccer and Sensible Soccer).


    In the next released update I will include a top-down camera prefab.
    In the meantime, if you want to test it in the kit, you can change the properties of the following 2 objects:
    Match Camera prefab. Change the properties to look like this:

    camera start position game object in the field scenes. Change the rotation to look like this:

  • I don't have a twitter for it yet. Wondering if I should open a separate one or use an existing one.
    I would definitely say use your GOJO one, cross promotion of products FTW.
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  • Cool :)
    I've added the twitter button to the kit's site.
  • Progress update
    I did a WebGL build, but had to delete the audio to get it to work. When switching to WebGL in Unity 5.3 then it fails to import some audio files. I'm trying to find out why. I'll upload the WebGL demo as soon as I find out why the importing is failing.

    I'm also busy with the icon and graphics for the Asset Store.

    In the meantime, here's a video of a test I did with the top-down view and a pixel shader, for a gameboy look.

    Used this shader for the test:!/content/16314

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  • In the meantime, here's a video of a test I did with the top-down view and a pixel shader, for a gameboy look.
    Very cool :)
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    I've uploaded the WebGL demo:

    Some notes:
    It may take a while to load the first time (depends on connection speed).
    The performance varies on different machines.
    On a laptop, Windows 8, latest Firefox/Chrome, the frame rate is about 10 fps (with and without audio).
    On a PC, Windows XP, latest Firefox, the frame rate is about 30 fps, but audio does not work. I also tried building a test project containing a single scene and playing sound effects, but the sounds still do not work. Firefox gives an encoding error. It seems like Unity/Firefox WebGL audio does not work on Windows XP.

    In case anyone else has audio issues with their Unity WebGL projects:
    “Tricks” I had to do to get the audio to work, building on a Windows 8 machine (based on what other people tried who had audio issues):
    - Changed the modified date of the audio files. You can use a batch file, or open them with Audacity and re-export them.
    - Added silence to the end of one of the sound effects (about 100 ms). The sound caused the the editor to freeze when it tried to import the sound. Possibly the editor (Unity 5.3.4 & 5.3.5) has a bug when trying to import short sound effects for WebGL. I'll include the modified sound in the next update, but you may still experience the bug when you use other sound effects.
    - Changed the audio files' default “open with” program to VLC. Not sure if this actually helped, but it did seem to allow the editor to import more audio than before for WebGL.

  • Progress update
    Just over a week ago my PC's motherboard gave in. The whole process of trying to fix it without any luck, then deciding to move all my work over to my mac, took a few days. I'll need to get a new PC/motherboard.
    I'm now back to working on the kit, specifically the icon and graphics for the Asset Store, and small tweaks and fixes.

    I've also been in discussion with some of the devs who bought the kit, and added a few suggestions they had, which include:
    - Option to pass the ball to the position of the mouse cursor.
    - Each player has a different marker beneath them, based on their position (e.g. defender, midfielder, forward).
    - Helper class to change the button images on all the menus.


  • Version 1.0.1 is available

    Version 1.0.1 of the soccer kit is available:

    If you bought the kit from my website (before the release of the update) you should have received an email with a link to the update. If not, please email me and I'll send you a link.

    Release notes for v 1.0.1:

    - Can be positioned on any side of the field, changing the direction of the match. Example: Default goal posts are on the left and right side, but they can be set to be at the top and bottom. This is set via the “Play Direction” and “Follow Offset” properties on the camera.
    - Added additional match camera prefabs for the combinations of: side view, top down view, and the different sides of the field.

    Control markers per player position (optional). Example: The defender's control marker can look different to the midfielder's control marker. These are set on the Match Prefabs prefab.

    Added fake shadows (optional). This is mainly for performance reasons on mobile devices. The default shadows are each a simple quad with a texture. It can be set per team or per player, and also for the ball. Shadow prefabs are located in the folder: SimSoc\Prefabs\Shadows

    UI helper script to change all the button images on menus: Scripts\UI\Helpers\SsChangeButtonImages.cs

    Mouse input: Option to pass to mouse position.

    Fixed some of the audio to work with WebGL.

    - Added property TackledAngle. Can be used to determine from which direction a player was tackled.
    - Changed private variables to protected.
    - Changed most methods to virtual.

    - Changed private variables to protected.
    - Changed most methods to virtual.

    - Changed private variables to protected.
    - Changed most methods to virtual.

    Camera positioned with the goal posts at the top and bottom:

  • Android demos
    I’ve updated the Android demo.
    Also added an extra version which should work on Android 2.3.1 (“Gingerbread”) and higher.
    I was only able to test the 2.3.1 version on my device, which has Android 4.4 installed.
    If anyone has issues with installing on Android, please let me know.

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