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    Hey all. I'm Arcane Ingenuity's director and tech lead / lead developer. A PE Technikon graduate from back in the day, I've been operating in Europe for the last several years as a freelancer. Back home in Port Elizabeth and picking up momentum on a new FPS / procedural worlds title to be officially announced in the coming months. I'm on gamedev SE as well, ranked no. 12 all-time: http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/users/5473/nick-wiggill
  • Hello

    My name is Megan. I'm studying to become a game designer. Hoping to make it big.
  • Hi.

    Im Ernst. I'm a designer currently working in television, designing motion graphics and the like. I'm looking to do some game design in my free time, or help out on projects.
  • So... hello everyone...
    I'm Sam Schoeman... I'm a first year game designer at wits. And an apprentice concept artist? if I can say that? Um... Yeah... :) happy whatever day it is today...
  • Hi I'm Ben, currently studying IT:BTech at NMMU. I am an aspiring Indie game developer currently working on a game called "John". bighairgames.tumblr.com
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    Welcome @NickWiggill, @MeggieTron, @Xenic, @Salmon and @BigHairBen! Glad we are seeing so many new members :)

    If you are anywhere near Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban then I encourage you to join the monthly community meetups. Watch out for stickied threads for details as they become available!
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    I am Daniel, I live and work in Knysna. I am lead developer/designer on "Orbit" which is a game about space and gravity.

    You can find me hiding under a rock here: https://twitter.com/Gnoblar_agency
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    Hey there! I'm also Daniel. Living in PE
    I'm also studying BTech IT at NMMU and did art and animation for our game "John" with @BigHairBen and Chris, who will introduce himself soon enough.

    I have a keen interest in the field of 'serious games' and I know my way around Blender and Unity.

    I occasionally tweet nonsense https://twitter.com/DanMendelowitz
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    Hey, My name is Mitchell. I am the leader of a game development studio named Pixel Wizard Studio and I love making games! Even though they are not the best... I plan to improve with each game and learn more.

    I am currently in my last year of school looking to go into the game development industry as a programmer.
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    Heya everyone!

    Hope you are all doing well! :)

    I go by the name of Shane, and I create websites, design, code, video, and even do some arty stuff.
    I absolutely LOVE playing games, as well as conceptualising and making new games!

    I've been a lurker for a month now, but after hearing the talk at CapeTown UCT I would really love to join the community :)

    You can find me here: hishane.com or even my casual Deviant Art account where I do random stuff whenever I have free doodle time.

    Thanks so much for having me :)!
  • ^Derp, sorry about the code everywhere. I saw that the site comments box accepted simple html but I broke it D:...
  • @ShaneProcrastinates thanks for pointing that out. I found out Vanilla forums (the forums we use) remembers the start of a thread's formatting and we started the Welcome thread before changing to using BBCode. The effect was this thread used SimpleHTML and the rest of the forum BBCode. I've forced this thread to BBCode now.
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  • Hi

    I am Juan.
    Banneret Design is the brainchild of up and coming South African designer and illustrator Robert Scrimgeour.

    With over 6 years experience in the international Graphic Design Industry (ranging from kite board designs, t-shirt illustrations, product placements, flash advertising and packaging), Robert has been able to incorporate what he has learnt into every field, making him a formidable force in almost all design categories.

    We specialize in illustration and design and are always looking for new and exciting challenges.
    You can check us out at:
    Our Facebook page:
    Our Threadless page:
    Or our illustrators personal Deviant Art page:
  • Hi Everyone

    I'm Rodney from Rising Phoenix Games. I produce pen and paper role-playing games and goods, predominantly compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. I'm also a Flash and PHP Programmer, have more game ideas than time, and live in Japan.
  • Yolanda Lindeque-Strauss here. I'm a full-time freelance professional writer (TV, Film and novels) who is only now stepping in the world of game writing. I hope to network with you guys and gals for some support; from- and to you. Happy days!
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  • P.S. I heard about you guys from Ben Myres at the weekend's Andy Walsh workshop ;)
  • Hey guys. I'm Khaleel Ederies and I'm currently in Matric.

    I'm an aspiring game developer and even though I don't have much experience yet, I'm working to change that ;)
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  • Hi.

    My name is Jurgen Botha and I am a 31 year old young writer interested in writing for games. I love playing games and watching video game reviews.

    Have a super day.

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  • Welcome all the new people, especially the writer's I hope you get involved in game development with us and join our game jams and competitions.

    Be sure to come to our monthly community nights in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and we're starting to have events in DBN too!
  • Aloha

    I'm Jannie, between jobs and doing some iOS games. I use to hang around sagamedev as matewis in days gone past and has since moved to Cape Town, gotten a family and settled in for the long haul.

    My site is up and will be sorted soon, even if I have to do it myself.

    I'm trying to release my first game in the next couple of days, or at least submit to Apple.

    Updates on disklessgames.com
  • Don't think I've introduced myself yet, but here goes:

    I'm Francois. I'm currently a full-time software engineer and trying to finish my masters' degree part time. It's become a crutch to keep saying this, but as soon as I have that done, myself and my roommate, Trolloks, are going to be throwing our weight behind part-time game development. For now, there's an Android game on the cards, but it's mostly still conceptual. We'll post something as soon as we have a rough prototype.
  • Greetings new folks!
  • Hi I'm Lourens de Villiers.

    Born and raised in Cape Town, nerd at heart, love games, love all things web. Studied and got a Degree in Graphic Design and now working as a Web Designer and Front-End Developer.

    Because I've always had a love for game (PC games on my 286 to be exact) I've for a few years now wanted to start making them. Since last year I've jotted down some ideas and this year I decided to put my ideas down to working demo's. Currently working on a Flappybird style game, because it's an easy way to get a feel for the software I'm using.

    Enough about me, excited to start being more active on here and go to some meetings around CT :D
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    Greetings, I am Dominic C. Arendse, currently studying BSc Computer Science at the University of the Western Cape. I am a self-taught game- programmer, -designer, artist, musician and voice actor.

    contact me via: dcarendse@outlook.com
  • Good evening! My name's Josh and I do casual game-dev in my off-time. I was lucky enough to be referred by Ben Myres.

    You guys can take a look at some of the silly stuff I've made here!
  • @PrincessDingle Glad to see you made it here from the bottom of a random game dev YouTube video we both watched :P. Welcome! The stuff you've made looks really interesting! Hope to see you post more games here for feedback etc. :).
  • Thanks ben! I appreciate the support
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Hendrik I live in Cape Town and work as the technical lead at a company that does organisational leadership development. The cool thing about us is that we use games as our primary intervention with companies.

    Over the last while we've developed our own turn-based (tablet) gaming platform that we use to develop games for corporates and government agencies. We know a lot about learning and about how to develop people, but we're still learning a lot about using games to do this better (PS: this is not gamification, but rather Meaningful Games).

    If anyone is interested in trying out our platform, wants to know more, or just has some ideas please ping me! Or take a look at our YouTube video.
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  • Hi @carnun, interesting stuff. Are you planning on coming to any of the local meetups?
  • Hi Im Dylan, Im a Designer mostly art 3D etc...
  • Hi, I'm Dane.

    I'd rather be making games than studying a Masters degree. That being said, I'm more of an ideas/writing stories kind of guy when it comes to the actual creation side of things (that isn't to say that I can't do some basic prototyping whatwhat). I have a developer bud who can't really free up the time (workload-wise) to satiate my rampant hunger for videogame design.
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  • Hi there,

    I'm Adam, a sound engineer of 5 years looking to get into sound design for games/apps, mainly SFX rather than music, though I'm open to composition, just a bit slow at it. Based in Cape Town, so I'll try to attend the next meet'n'greet.

    I'd like to get a better understanding of what's involved and required of a sound designer - how much implementation knowledge and skills I'd need, so that I can be a useful asset to any team of developers.

    I've read up on FMOD, Wwise and Unity, but haven't played around with them. If anyone has the patience I'd appreciate some tutorials, perhaps in exchange for some original sounds?

    Will post a link to some YouTube clips I redid the audio for, and a little audio clip showreel soonish - if you've any specific sound requests you might like me to have a go at making for the showreel, please let me know - monsters, weapons, bings, boings, whatever - it'll help me get an idea of what sounds are most desirable!

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  • Hey Everyone!

    My name's Ben. I draw and animate stuff as a part of a small team called Cool Your Jets. In my free time I VJ, DJ, throw events, play table top (and obviously video) games and busy myself with various other creative endeavors. My most recent addition to that list is making games.

    Creating games is something I've dreamt of doing for about 26 years, a dream I decided to start making a reality after attending the first Super Friendship Arcade in Feb. It was really incredible discovering such a healthy community of South African's making games together and supporting each other along the way. Having just moved down to Cape Town, it seemed I couldn't ask for a better time to finally stop talking about making games and actually start doing it.

    As fate would have it, at much the same time, my business partner in Joburg had his own "I have to start making games now" moment. Together we've grown incredibly serious about making incredibly silly games. Roping in the skills of a programmer friend who works in the financial sector, we put together our first little game, a (very) short, 4 level puzzle platformer for a commercial client.

    Going forward, we'd like to make the sort of games we'd like to play ourselves. The sort of beautiful, heart-felt stuff we can't ever seem to find enough of. We have a very long list of future projects we'd like to pursue. Some are very ambitious, but in the immediate future we want to focus on fun, simple games for mobile.

    We're currently working on a prototype for an action platformer centered around teleportation, fast food and a kitten. I look forward to sharing a build of it with the community soon!

    Very stoked to be able to join a group like this one and looking forward to various cyber-hijinx with you all in the future!
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  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm Kobus. I completed my B.Eng Computer Engineering in 2010 and since then have worked in various industries as a Software Engineer including Defence, Industrial and currently Financial.

    I have always been a gamer, since the days of playing Scorched Earth and Prince of Persia in DOS on a 486. I started playing around with Unity about a year ago, completely new to the Game Dev scene, and since then I have generated a lot of ideas for games which I would love to make a reality. Currently I am prototyping an interactive physics puzzle game for Android (and maybe PC) in Unity. I will post some videos and perhaps a build soon, I would love to get some feedback from you guys.

    I have not been to any of the meetups yet, but definitely want to attend the Cape Town ones soon. It is awesome to see such an active community here in SA and to witness the success of titles like Desktop Dungeons. I hope the South African game industry really takes off and I would like to be a part of it. I plan on developing games in my spare time until hopefully one day, I can do so full time.

  • Hello Everybuddi,

    I'm an artist very tentatively dipping my toes into the game dev side of the world. Hubby is a coder and has been mucking about in Unity. I have officially created one sprite sheet of a pug. Running. Woo hoo! Go me! We would like to come to the dev meets, but at this point its a bit of a difficult one because we have ourselves a one year old with a bedtime routine. She is also the reason that the toe dipping is tentative. And slow.

    Moved to Cape Town late last year. Lived all over the place.

    I am here to learn some things. All of the things!

    I will make the hubby come introduce himself, but as a side note, his company recently made a game for a soon to be in your face Afrikaans movie called "Suurlemoen". It's part of their advertising and is releasing soon. So I'll link that one up once its official. Which I think is Friday. Or at least planned for Friday. :P

  • I have officially created one sprite sheet of a pug. Running.
    Win, take it to the twitters! (The pug is the coolest thing in Spelunky, bar none)
  • 1 x running pug twittered. :P
  • Hi Everyone!

    My name is Matt, and I'm the other founder of the team called Cool Your Jets mentioned a few posts above by my business partner Ben. We've just started our own small company and have come from a graphics background, but are mega excited about getting into the world of games.
    I've personally had an incredibly close relationship with games my entire life, and feel the old school developers kinda raised me.

    I've gone on a path of original Amiga, through each Nintendo, PS1, PS2, and finally Xbox360. (PC's featured heavily during the ROTT, DOOM, Duke3d, Toxic Bunny etc days..but never had the money or inclination to upgrade all the time). However as a designer and creative I always felt I've never had a place in the game creation world until recently, and as the bridge between developers/programmes and designers/artists has started to draw closer and had the realisation we could have something to offer the world of gamers!

    Most likely something pretty weird and silly but we really want to make beautiful and fun games. We also really enjoy the idea of games that aren't particularly violent. Ben's pretty much said it all though in terms of what we really want to create and what platforms we're aiming for at the moment.

    Other than that I'm really excited to come to any of the meet ups in Joburg, as I'm based here and run one half of our company from here.

    Anyway, I'm very excited for the future prospects and potential collaborations, as well as learning from the community!
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    Hi guys, I'm William Kruger. I'm an aspiring game developer, you can check out a short video on my newest project on my Youtube channel.
    Youtube Channel
  • Hi All,

    I'm Aubrey Kilian, full-time R&D Manager/Developer/Janitor at a mobile telecoms company in Cape Town. Development and games are my passions (And have been ever since the Atari 2600, do the math). I'm a wannabe Indie Game Developer, currently only part-time/as a hobby. I recently started developing some stuff in Unity3D, and I find teaching is one of the best ways to learn, so I started putting some of the things I learnt, onto my blog under the Unity category: http://www.dociletree.co.za/cat/unity - Video tutorials to follow once I get over what my voice sounds like on a microphone.

    I plan to create a game in Unity first (mostly for mobile), then move a bit closer to the hardware by coding it up in Java for Android (Obj-C/Swift is just not on the table right now).

    In a perfect world, I'd be developing games fulltime. :-)

    Hello. :-)
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  • Hey Guys,

    I'm Josh, an Indie Game Developer. I've been making games since I was 14 and loved every moment of it. Nothing feels as rewarding as starting with a blank screen in front of you and ending up with your own game. With those personal touches you just can't get anywhere else. :)

    Anyways, I'm busy working on a pretty cool project called False Legends. It's an fantasy RPG with focus on single player quests and action packed multiplayer matches. Check it out at http://www.indiedb.com/games/false-legends

    Thanks for reading. Hope to see you guys in the comments section!
  • @Josh Welcome. Where are you from? Interestingly enough, I ran into your game just yesterday while browsing imdb
  • @Denzil Thanks. I'm from just outside of Pretoria and you? Whoa that's quite a coincidence, it's a small world we're living in :D
  • 1 x running pug twittered. :P
    Why would you say this and not link XD

    Have I missed it?? :O
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    Hi i'm Karabo(21)..im a programmer and aspiring indie games dev.
  • Hi there Karabo,

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I'm new here too.

    What languages do you program in?
  • Tuism said:
    1 x running pug twittered. :P
    Why would you say this and not link XD

    Have I missed it?? :O



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    Hi new people!
  • Hello awesome community

    My name is Jason Sutherland and I am a sound designer/composer. Audio in all forms is my ultimate passion.

    For many years I have dreamed of being involved in game development. Writing music, designing assets or whatever it may be (except coding, I unfortunately don't have the mathematic mind for that). This dream had always seemed like a hurdle too high, until now. Over the past 4 months I have written music and created sounds for 4 different games, it has been super fun! I am ready to tackle many more!

    If anyone needs a sound designer or some awesome music for their game, let me know. Im always keen to collaborate with dedicated people. If you would like to hear some of the music for those 4 previously mentioned games, I created my new games music project Jaysong. head over here for some teasers: Jaysong

    Alternatively, if you're interested, here are my other music projects if you're looking for something more pretty, edgy or epic.
    Eyes Like Mirrors
    Drift Prism

    I hope to collaborate with some of you someday soon:)
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  • Heya Jaysong!

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Great to have more sound people onboard! @Creative630 always hosts rad Sound Challenges that are very fun to partake in and its not just good practice but an opportunity for other peeps to check out your skills!
    You should also come to the monthly-meet ups if you live in CPT/Jbrg...

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