• Hi all

    I'm Greg. I am a sound engineer and sound designer and have been involved in various post production jobs but now looking to get into the gaming industry :)

    Here is a link to my showreel.. https://www.youtube.com/user/gregscanning
  • Welcome maninbucket, Richard and djgc.
  • Hey all,

    Names Pierre, been a developer for 10 years, love gaming and now busy developing my own video game, currently in prototyping stages, and looking for an artist that wants to join me in a partnership. Otherwise the game will have MS paint art ;)
  • @iPixelPierre, happy new year and a most warm welcome! :D

    Did I hear prototype?! [community chant]Post it...post it...post it[/community chant]. :P We need some new things to play in the new year. :)
  • Hi

    I know I'm a bit late to this thread but here goes:
    I've worked on film for 3 years, been a game developer for half a year, produced music as a hobby for far too long, have done short courses and am interested in marketing, business, psychology (mostly social) aaaaannnndd like to draw, even though I admit I need to work on my drawing skills.

    Oh I've also lectured Python for Maya and have a Softimage blog if anyones interested (called Conquering the Code in Softimage).

    Ah and I've also created and released an app (that I plan on updating soon): www.ConfuciusState.com

    All that said I'm currently mostly a unity programmer that's also very keen on the marketing, business side of things.

    P.S Currently working on "Khumba the Game" which you can checkout on steam => http://bit.ly/sijo_khumba_greenlight

    Yay :D
  • Oh, Jared? I think I've run across your site before while looking at writing python tools for XSI. It was helpful! :D
  • Yup, that's me! I'm glad my blog proved useful :)
  • welcone maninbucket! i did the same and it is tough, good luck and congrats on taking the leap
  • Hi, I'm Rafal.

    I've been a developer for a long while and only recently started writing my own games. Nice to find such a cool place for SA game makers to hang out.

    Looking forward to hours of reading :)
  • welcome ghost!
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    Hey everyone, I'm Frank.

    I'm a mechanical engineer by day, gamer, game maker and potato enthusiast by night.

    I work mainly in C# with xna/monogame and gamemaker studio but I've recently started playing around with a bit of javascript. ( have a look over at: http://frankhlouw.co.za/ to see a small platformer I made from scratch over december to get a hang of javascript )

    Really excited to discover such an active game development community in South Africa, looking forward to getting involved :D
  • Hi everyone, my name is Gareth and I'm a Durban resident. Recent computer science graduate and aspiring game developer. Busy developing a 2D game in unity at the moment and will hopefully post a demo soon.
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  • Welcome @ghost and @Gareth.

    And nice platformer, @PoTaTo.
  • Hey Guys, Rick here. I been living in Singapore last 7 years and just came back home, so stoked to be here and looking forward to getting involved. We have been making games and such for phones for the last 7 or so years. I do all the visual side of things.

    You can see all our old ghetto games on Ovi store here:

    http://store.ovi.com/publisher/Breakdesign (sure you got a nokia to test on) kekeke

    Our last original game we made was World Of Rabbit - The Dig


    And then ages ago we built a gaming community/ backend we use in all our games, used to run a bunch of competitions here but havent posted anything since October 2011 :/ YOu can check it here:


    Now after a year we are finally building a new original game. After Unity released the 2D update we are finally jumping across. Cant F****** wait. Gonna be mobile focused and looking at completing Mid March/April.

    Anyway, good to find you all here, was looking forward to chatting to you all after the meetup tonight but kinda got lost on my way out.

  • @trobok Was awesome to have you at the meetup tonight :D. Sorry you got lost - blame me for bad planning :/.

    Next meetup will be better!
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    Hello there!

    My name is Henriel. I'm a former office drone. I used to be responsible mostly for data loading and manipulation scripts and a little bit of database admin.
    Right now, I'm working on my first ever video game. It's a massive learning curve for me as I've never done anything *remotely* like this before. I hope to learn a lot from this community, and hopefully, at some point, I can contribute something as well :)
  • Welcome Welcome! Great to see passion transforming life! :D Learning is a great part of all of this - I'm learning every day I can :)

    Post your stuff! :D That's the only piece of advice you need around here (to start) :)

    Rawr! :D
  • Hi guys,

    I joined my first event a few nights back. What great inspiration and eye opener it was for me.
    Some great talent and ideas we have in SA.

    Anyhow, I'm Phillip. 10 years in software development working in corporate mainly on financial/insurance platforms.
    Majority are HTML/CSS/JS/C# applications.

    Been doing game development for about 3 years, but only really getting into it more intense this year.
    Looking forward to posting my stuff here.
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    Hi everyone, my name is Dustin been studying web development and looking to be more involved in game dev.
  • Greetings and welcomings folks, enjoy the vibe and share your work if you've got it!
  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Claire. I'm an animator and an aspiring game making human. I just finished studying and now I work at The Training Room Online :)

    I hope to finish my first game... soon.

  • Hi @Haikuka :) What game are you working on?
  • @dammit I'm making an educational game about photosynthesis :D. If we manage to make addictive games with an educational value, we make learning addictive. Which would be awesome :)
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  • @Haikuka, check this out! Something I found out that was really weird about photosynthesis.

    Also, welcome! :)
  • Haikuka said:
    @dammit I'm making an educational game about photosynthesis :D. If we manage to make addictive games with an educational value, we make learning addictive. Which would be awesome :)
    Rad :) You know, you could just make a game about photosynthesis - and not stress so much about the "educational" bit. I find that putting the "educational game" label on things lands up creating weird game-classroom monsters whereas games are natural teachers.
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  • @Rigormortis, Well that's something I never expected!! I think that topic can manifest itself into a pretty awesome bonus level!

    @dammit, That is true, and a very good point! I shall try avoid the classroom monsters. Thank you for pointing that out to me :)
  • I, I'm Vasco and I'm an aspiring concept artist doing a Game Design course in Cape Town!
  • Sean Goncalves is the name I also go by The_Son_of_Wolf, I am currently in my third year of studying Game Dev at wits.

    I really enjoy concept development and basically all of the aesthetic elements when it comes to games I specialize in art, and animation but I've recently started dabbling in creating music for games as well and I do some minor coding.

    @The_Son_of_Wolf on Twitter
    Son-Of-Wolf on Deviant Art http://son-of-wolf.deviantart.com/
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  • Hey peoples!
    I'm Jeremy C, I'm finally here on the forums, I met a bunch of you over the last 2 months and it took me freaking ages to actually sign in.
    I make pretty pictures, turn them into moving ones, conceptualize game ideas and then panic until they resemble something like a game.
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  • Steamhat said:
    conceptualize game ideas and then panic until they resemble something like a game.
    I can relate to that...
  • dislekcia said:
    Steamhat said:
    conceptualize game ideas and then panic until they resemble something like a game.
    I can relate to that...
    ...and then panic some more until they resemble something that's a game AND fun.
  • I'm Eduan and I'm a game-aholic...

    I've always dreamt and fantasized of working in Animation and Game Dev.

    Couldn't afford to study after school and got a job as a programmer at a small sales-oriented company.

    In my spare time I can be found crawled up in my room, busy honing my self-taught skills.
    I basically do coding, graphic design, 3D modelling, sculpting and animation, and try to do some concept art and texture painting as well. (I have a lot of other interests and stuff as well but they will probably show themselves later on...)

    As I mentioned everything is self-taught as I couldn't afford to study... But I won't let that get me down because I know what I'm passionate about and I'll do my best to achieve my dreams!

    Really looking forward to partaking and working with the growing community and to grow as a game developer myself!
  • Even in institutes of study, what can be taught are the basics. It ALWAYS takes a self-teaching spirit to actually push beyond the basics. No student (and we all are, whether we've got student numbers or not) that stopped learning after class is over ever made anything significant!

    So you're already half way there! Welcome! :3
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  • Hello there,

    I'm Brandon, and as someone who's always been interested in narrative and story in games, I'd really like to write for them. Look out for forthcoming janky attempts at making things in Twine, because I'm clueless about programming.

    Otherwise, I write academic papers about games. By day I'm an MA student (linguistics) at Wits. By night, well, I'm still an MA student because it requires an absurd amount of reading. My thesis will probably examine discursive constructions of gender and sexual identity in games, so at the very least I can spend what little free time I have playing them and call it work.

    I'll stop rambling now, it's nice to meet all of you :)
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    Hello guys,

    My name is Shawn Lukas. I'm a creative living and working in Joburg, mostly on design, music and new media. I love games and collect old stuff including clocks and typewriters. I'm currently working on a mobile game for Garden Avenue http://www.gardenavenue.co.za and looking to collaborate.

    Cool meeting this awesome community of makers. See you guys around.
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    Should have done this a while ago ... my bad.

    Quinton Delpeche, founder of Gobbo Games currently working on Re-Spawn which is due for the next Alpha Release on the 1st April 2014.

    Trying to get a meet together for Durban. 8-}
  • Hi I am Gavin, I am technician by day and and hobbiest in evening, love games , fluent in max , ps and zbrush, I am currently making my first game using udk,although I am going to get unreal 4 tonight!
  • So many new people! Yay :D
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    o/ I'm Stefan

    I've just finished studying. Did mechanical engineering undergrad, then a computer science higher diploma, both at Wits (game design wasn't an option when I enrolled ._. unfortunately). Heading into engineering, which I enjoy, to save up enough money to get into making games full time, which I'm infinitely more passionate about.

    I used to lurk the Game.Dev forum over at nag.co.za (as SC(+)PE), coming to now lurk here until I can finish and share a project of my own.
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    Welcome @Thaum! If you did mechanical engineering at Wits, there's a pretty good chance you'd recognise my face. What year did you graduate?
  • I graduated end of 2012 :) got it done in 4 years
  • Awesome. I took you for one of your 3rd year labs. :P
  • Hi all,

    My name is Drikus. I'm a software tester by day, graphics designer by night.

    Current projects are mostly for places like lazygamer.net and some mods for a game called: S.t.a.l.k.e.r - Call of Prypriat / S.t.a.l.k.e.r - Shadow of Chernobyl.
  • Hi,

    I'm Kobus Kleynhans. Indie developer and creator of Lab Panic, new classic arcade game on android. Owner of www.raremeatgames.co.za. Looking forward to learning from other's experiences and sharing my own.
  • Hey @mckobus.
    I suggest you go find another community, this one already has a Kobus. :)

    Welcome to the forums.
  • Hi, I'm David, sound designer and composer looking for experience in the games industry. BMus in Music Technology a few years ago, recently completed a course in Wwise middleware from the School of Video Game Audio (online). Although my background is almost purely musical, I enjoy programming and making awesome sound effects for games almost more than making music for games. This association seems to be my kind of place...

    Look forward to working with some of you and learning a lot on the forums.
  • Ahoy McCoy and welcome, always good to have more music folks around!
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    Hi there. I'm Rishal. With my busy life, it seems that I have only found this now. I remember the names of old friends from the NAG GameDev forums, @edg3, @fengol, @dislekcia (I won't mention my lame tag name from back in the day). I'm currently a team lead software engineer, also interested in game dev and music production.

    EDIT: Not to forget @Gazza_N :)
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