B: Attack and Defend

This game is similar to rock-paper-scissors and the idea is that what you actually press isn't a conscious choice but rather a kind of subconscious flow. You see your opponent keeps pressing ABC so you start pressing the same combination, causing them to change their choice.

Here's a build of the game currently

How does one play game?

Player 1 is on the left and Player 2 is on the right

Player 1 controls:
z, x, c = choice a, b and c respectively

Player 2 controls
b, n, m = choice a, b and c respectively

The attacking player is the player whose tile is red and has a big "A" on it. The defending player is the blue tile with the "B"

If the attacking player makes the same choice as the defending player, it counts as a block and no damage is dealt, otherwise 10 points of damage gets dealt.

e.g Player 1 (attacking) chooses ABC and player 2 (defending) chooses ABA => 10 damage is dealt to player 2


  • @Stray_Train Rather many paragraphs than one wall of text :) I notice this was 10 days ago. Why do I not see a build up yet?
  • This has possibility. I believe that rock, paper, scissors is the ultimate tie-breaker. And you have it as a core mechanic
  • Hey guys

    Many many soz for my absence, this game will have a nice postmortem post at the end of the competition, promise! Changed the title to reflect the changes to the game (no kinky chipmunks atm) and I added the build link to the OP.

  • Uhm, could you please explain how it works exactly? So far all I can gather is that left uses ZXC and right uses MNB and whoever gets 3 keys pressed first, causes the other guy to lose 20 or 30 hp... O_o
  • @D3zmodos, edited in instructions to OP
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