I am looking for a 2D character artist to work with me on a fighting game in their spare time.

I want to make a prototype in Game Maker Studio with one character and I need someone on-board to help me do the following:
- Designing the character

The main issue is designing the character. I am quite a fan of Alvin Lee's Street Fighter work and I would like to incorporate like a manga style in the design. The character sprites will be done in pixel-art.

The design process will also have to incorporate concepts for moves and attacks.


  • Here is an example that I made of what the character roughly looks like:

    The character is an alien fighter. He is agile and very strong, quick attacks and also using slower, more timing type of heavy attacks. Fighting style would be a mix between Taekwondo and Muay Thai.
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  • If you're still working on creating the systems for you fighting game, then it is fine to use programmer/placeholder art in the meantime. This has several advantages:
    - It's very fast, so you can test various moves and find the ones that suite the character best.
    - Nothing is precious, so it's easy to throw away moves and try new ones.
    - It gets potential artists exited for your project.
    - It shows you have some momentum, which gives confidence in you abilities.

    I use this process before designing every character, enemy and boss I create, because it helps me find the fun before I ask an artist to spend a month to finalizing the pixelart.
    Actually busy working on a new character, Mark.
    It's rough, but it gives a very good idea of what you're trying to do.
    You're a much better artist than me, so I'm sure you'll be able to knock moves out even faster :D
  • Hi pieter :)
    That looks super cool!

    Thanx for the awesome reply. I have been struggling with the character design part, partly because my anatomy knowledge isn't what it needs to be and I wanted to go too realistic I think.

    So, I've decided to opt for a more cartoony look:)
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