The Story OF Kennuck

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I would like to share the latest developments on a video game i am
involved with, called The Story of Kennuck.

The Story of Kennuck is a steampunk inspired adventure game, which takes
place during the steam revolution of a fictional planet. The player will
have the chance to explore and engage in the world during this steam
power revolution.

Gameplay will consist of: 3rd person adventuring, steam vehicle racing,
steam vehicle assembly , exploration of hazardoes enviroments, all while
guiding the character through the trials of being a steam vehicle owner.
We are currently a team of two, and hope to have a solid experience for
the players out there.

This game is being developed in 3D Rad by myself , Kulu, NicusorN5 and Bartyrocks3 .

We hope you enjoy the journey of development with us and would
appreciate any feedback on our progress.

First Early development footage :


  • Considering your previous project, Caged Photon and now this, I'm honestly getting a vibe that you are creating art rather than games, it just has that very abstract art feel to it. Not really sure which way you should go as this style is very rare, but you might have something here. You could always up the quality of assets a bit, was going to suggest a story of some sort, but for this vibe, you might not even need an active one. Good luck.
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  • Thanks Critic. what a wonderful comment . much appreciated. We are still in very early stage of development. will definitely share the story as it develops.
  • This looks really rad with a neat aesthetic, can't wait to see some more gameplay. Best of luck.
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  • Thanks Wakintosh.

    Development is going very slow on this end. Im busy with other small projects at the same time. But i hope to do a bulk of work during the December period. For now , you can have a look at a small clip of a flying creature, which will be part of a nomadic tribe of people, who breed these flying creatures.

    Below you can have a look at some other models that are going to feature in the game.

    An all terrain Steam Vehicle for exploring extremely hazadoes enviroments

    A Flying Creature with little boy concept

    So Im planning to have other challenges for the player as well including extreme weather conditions to cope with.

    1280 x 1196 - 647K
    1280 x 720 - 303K
    1280 x 720 - 415K
    Dragon and rider concept pen drawing SMALL.png
    1000 x 1116 - 707K
    Dragon and rider concept SMALL.png
    1000 x 1116 - 756K
    Dragon and rider concept colour SMALL.png
    1000 x 1116 - 1M
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  • Looks pretty. I'd rather see gameplay though.
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  • Thanks Tuism. Ive got a concept level/prototype up and running. I just need the go ahead from my co-devs to share it.
  • Mediocre at most.
  • Keen to see that level/prototype you mentioned @Kulu

    Is the flying creature from the same game as the diesel-punk flying contraption?
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  • @EvanGreenwood . im still slowly working on the first level or environment, just trying to get the go ahead to release more stuff. The flying creature is part of Story Of kennuck . gonna put them in there somehow. i dont want to reveal much at this point, since its still very early. but i know what direction i want to go , and all the mechanics i want to add. And the baked shadows method works well for keep the FPS up.
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