The Story OF Kennuck

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I would like to share the latest developments on a video game i am
involved with, called The Story of Kennuck.

The Story of Kennuck is a steampunk inspired adventure game, which takes
place during the steam revolution of a fictional planet. The player will
have the chance to explore and engage in the world during this steam
power revolution.

Gameplay will consist of: 3rd person adventuring, steam vehicle racing,
steam vehicle assembly , exploration of hazardoes enviroments, all while
guiding the character through the trials of being a steam vehicle owner.
We are currently a team of two, and hope to have a solid experience for
the players out there.

This game is being developed in 3D Rad by myself , Kulu, NicusorN5 and Bartyrocks3 .

We hope you enjoy the journey of development with us and would
appreciate any feedback on our progress.

First Early development footage :
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  • Considering your previous project, Caged Photon and now this, I'm honestly getting a vibe that you are creating art rather than games, it just has that very abstract art feel to it. Not really sure which way you should go as this style is very rare, but you might have something here. You could always up the quality of assets a bit, was going to suggest a story of some sort, but for this vibe, you might not even need an active one. Good luck.
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  • Thanks Critic. what a wonderful comment . much appreciated. We are still in very early stage of development. will definitely share the story as it develops.
  • This looks really rad with a neat aesthetic, can't wait to see some more gameplay. Best of luck.
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  • Thanks Wakintosh.

    Development is going very slow on this end. Im busy with other small projects at the same time. But i hope to do a bulk of work during the December period. For now , you can have a look at a small clip of a flying creature, which will be part of a nomadic tribe of people, who breed these flying creatures.

    Below you can have a look at some other models that are going to feature in the game.

    An all terrain Steam Vehicle for exploring extremely hazadoes enviroments

    A Flying Creature with little boy concept

    So Im planning to have other challenges for the player as well including extreme weather conditions to cope with.

    1280 x 1196 - 647K
    1280 x 720 - 303K
    1280 x 720 - 415K
    Dragon and rider concept pen drawing SMALL.png
    1000 x 1116 - 707K
    Dragon and rider concept SMALL.png
    1000 x 1116 - 756K
    Dragon and rider concept colour SMALL.png
    1000 x 1116 - 1M
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  • Looks pretty. I'd rather see gameplay though.
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  • Thanks Tuism. Ive got a concept level/prototype up and running. I just need the go ahead from my co-devs to share it.
  • Mediocre at most.
  • Keen to see that level/prototype you mentioned @Kulu

    Is the flying creature from the same game as the diesel-punk flying contraption?
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  • @EvanGreenwood . im still slowly working on the first level or environment, just trying to get the go ahead to release more stuff. The flying creature is part of Story Of kennuck . gonna put them in there somehow. i dont want to reveal much at this point, since its still very early. but i know what direction i want to go , and all the mechanics i want to add. And the baked shadows method works well for keep the FPS up.
  • Hi. Im just sharing some of the latest developments with Story Of Kennuck. the renders are a typical "isolated cabin in the woods" concpet Ive been working on. Im gonna take it over to the game engine soon. But I dont know if I will be able to get the same exact look , but I will try anyways. all feedback welcome. Im using Blender to generate all the models.


    render 6 small.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 537K
    render 5 small.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 835K
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    hello. its been a while. I would like to invite you to try a concept level for Story Of kennuck.

    On the development side. i have run into my first hurdle , which i think i can remedy with a bit more ram. my scebnes are planned to have lots of game objects and meshes , and my current rig is failing to accomodate the amount that the levels have to be populated. So please have a try and provide feedback of any issues or suggestions you may have.

    happy festive to everyone. :P)
  • Hi . From another forum I was told that this build of the game crashes in most scenarios. Will adjust and post again in the new year. sorry for any disappointment. laters

    Hi again. ive taken all the feedback into account and tried to adjust the levels so that they run , even on an Intel HD GFX . Ive also added the option to disable bloom . if you are still keen to try the game , it can be found at the above link. happy New Year, and all the best for the new season.
  • Happy New Year MGSA!!
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    Hey, I played a little, some thought are below.

    [-]Launcher is a bit strange, if you want to play windowed it doesn't allow resolution picking.
    [-][Alt+Tab] seems to kill the game.
    [-]Your shortcut for controls mapping is too complex, it's a three key combo, you can easily just bind it to escape or one of the F keys.
    [-]WASD keys do nothing, instead you are using arrow keys for movement, you could make a double binding as WASD is traditionally used for FPS like controls.
    [-]Would be nice to have some sound.
    [-]Camera is very awkward, it clips and doesn't handle rotation properly.
    [-]Stairs don't work.
    [-]Character walk animation clips through the ground.
    [-]There seems to be no collision detection for anything but the ground.
    [-]I'm on a GTX960 and it's evident that FPS is not near 60 and that the refresh rate is not stable, not sure why as the assets seem very light on resources.
    [-]You have a lot of keys defined for different interactions, you can use a single key like [E] and make it context sensitive. For instance instead of having separate mount and unmount keys, bind it to the same key and detect which action needs to take place.

    There is some nice artistic flavor to the prototype, but you need to fix the technical things first before going deeper into gameplay. On the gameplay side, I had no idea what to do or where to go.
  • Thanks critic. Im still working on this level. I just wanted to show my progress. There is nothing to do at this stage in the game. Ive managed to lower the poly count since the latest posted build. Im adding NPCs now and soon will add missions and dialogue. thanks for the feedback on the controls as well, will try and simplify them in future builds.

    Hi . here is the latest build of Story of kennuck. Ive split the interior of the buildings and the exterior town into two seperate levels. ive also added a bunch of NPC characters. There is a building with a door that should alow you to get to the interior building level. Development still going slow , because ive got other things im working on . Have a go at the link . it should run , even on a intel HD gfx setup ( just disable bloom and run at lower resolution)
  • A viewport screenshot of another animal that i want to add to Story of Kennuck. image
    screen shot 1.jpg
    808 x 522 - 391K
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    This is the latest build of the game . Ctrl+Shift+F9 to configure controls . all comments welcome
  • I'm getting a general error message saying "application unable to start correctly". Am I the only one? Would like to give it a go.
  • You need Microsoft visual c++ 2005 runtimes and directx 9b to run this game. those are the requirements of the 3d rad engine
  • I've got newer versions of both. Or am I missing the point?
  • You need the specified runtimes. wont help if you have the latest runtimes
  • I'm on widows 7. Is it possible for me to uninstall DirectX 11? DirectX 9.0b doesn't want to install because a newer version is being detected...
  • I dont know if that will help. usually all you have to do is install the c++ 2005. runtimes. have you tried it on another computer?
  • Have installed c++2005 but game still doesn't want to launch.
  • okay I'll try and figure it out. what are your pc specs?
  • Oh damn this looks fantastic! I haven't been able to try it out since right now I only have my weakling of a macbook with me but can't wait to try it. I'm especially looking forward to seeing what atmosphere you have going on in the game. Love the music in the trailer and all the concepts.
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  • @texhkt Thanks . its still very early in development. so i havent nailed down everything , so please expect some unfinished mechanics and other early dev models. Im still trying to push as many onscreen elements at a stable 30 FPS on a gt 620 setup

  • Hey there guys.Its been ages since I posted anything, and even longer since I worked on this title that im busy doing.

    Without any further delays, please crit and comment on the linked videos. your suggestions and comments are always helpful.

    cool. Laters.
  • Hey @kulu, I must give you credit, your projects are ambitious! I think your passion and diligence are evident in your work.

    But, to be honest, I don't see this game having market appeal without massive enhancements to the graphics and the gameplay. I like the concept, but to pull it off will take tons of time and resources.

    If I was you, I would focus on creating something simpler and smaller and finishing it, so that you could release it, and use the exposure/profits from that to build towards releasing more and more ambitious projects. Finished projects would also really help your reputation and allow you to sell yourself and your brand to future buyers/investors.

    Best of luck.
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  • Thanks @jamtaylor . your advice sounds good. Im planning on working on this project little by little . Im quite inspired right now, to push this game as far as I can. I am graphically limited , not just by my capabilities but also by lack of support for the engine I use. but having said that im not about to ditch 3d rad just yet. I think I can still squeeze some cool graphics out of the engine , even though it only supports Directx 9 .

    As for finding investors and buyers.... well I don't know, I usually get to a point where im satisfied with what I have made, and then I try to polish that . I don't think I could ever compete with a Unity or unreal developer. Which is why , with 3d rad , I just try to mimic PS2 era graphics. But even then I cant reach even PS2 level graphics . But yeah , that's my goal with 3d rad. to reach that level (PS2 era graphics) and to add normal maps, and bloom everywhere ( hahahaha just joking ).

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    Hi. Im sharing a battle gameplay scene I did for Story of kennuck

    all comments and critiques welcome

    arrow keys to move. left mouse to attack

  • here is a little video of how the battle mechanics will work. so far ive even managed to add a special attack move mechanic for the player character.

    all comments welcome. laters

  • Hi again.

    Just posting on my progress with Story Of Kennuck. almost done with the battle mechanics. From here I will just swapout monsters, stats and enviroments . but i will use the same mechanics and scene as what you see here. Im planning on having fighting areas and normal exploration areas . I think it will be too tough for me to implement both town exploring , racing , and fighting in one big scene. So thats my plan . sorry about the low res video. Im viewing most of my vids on cellphone right now. but i can definately upload better videos or just the project file as it is right now.

    thanks for keeping track. and questions and comments are welcome.


    17mb download , that unzips to 100mb

    Controls are configured to joypad, but can easily be changed using ctrl+shift+f9 on the game menu scene. I usually use the left analogue stick for forward , back , strafe/ turn and whatever other buttons for the rest of the game . after the start screen the level will load. whatever your attack button is configured to , that button will start the battle . there are only two action buttons right now. the first one is attack and the secound one is to throw a bomb.

    the controls handle much better with the joypad, than with mouse and keyboard.

    okay now this is a basic setup for the battle mechanics in Story of kennuck. after landing an attack twice the player will have a special attack on the following button press. bombs can be used at close or far distance and can bounce from one enemy to the next , if they are close enough.

    this is the battle mechanics i will be using for the whole game , with some variation in enviroments and monsters. I plan to have other types of attacks and special attacks , and even different elemental or status affecting bombs .

    all comments welcome. This versions should be much more playable than the previous version , so there shouldnt be slow awkward movements , and the animations should play smoothly. you can attack and run at the same time. Either attack or run. Thanks :)
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    I gave the combat prototype a go, and I have a few comments regarding this demo. What you're getting here are my unedited impressions, recorded as I played. They may seem a little harsh, but they're intended in the best possible spirit and I hope you'll accept them as such - after all, first impressions are the most valuable. I can see you folks have put a lot of work into this, and my intention is to try help you improve on that. :)

    - As Critic noted above, alt-tab seems to crash the game.
    - My X360 gamepad did not register any input, even though gamepad mode was on.
    - Control rebinding is cumbersome. I don't see why I need to go through every possible control one at a time (with a second or two's delay after rebinding), especially when I'm forced rebind keys that I don't intend to change.
    - Attempting to rebind the controls the first time led to the game fading out then crashing. Perhaps after re-rebinding F1 to the start key? Either way, crashola.
    - Loading times seem a little excessive.
    - There are fog planes that keep drifting across the field, but they don't align to camera and clip pretty harshly through the terrain and the near plane of the frustrum. Not a massive deal at this early stage, but definitely something you should look at improving when you polish the art.
    - Characters don't seem to move at the speed their animations feel they should. My character and the giant lumbering beasts look like they should be zooming across the terrain given their animations, but they're moving pretty sluggishly. Not sure if this is a movement or timing bug, perhaps? Only you folks would know for sure.
    - Camera's pretty sluggish too.
    - Funnily, when I rebound my "look left" key in the menu to E, it somehow ended up being the attack key.
    - I mash LMB and I see all sorts of swooshy attack animations (with a pretty cool weapon trail), some blood spatter as the beasts play flinching animations, but I don't seem to be doing any damage or be able to kill them at all. There doesn't seem to be any sort of timing or strategy to the combat here - the lumber-beasts continue to prance against my character, crowding against them. They have no obvious attack animation, but occasionally I fall down for some reason. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to continue just wailing on them with my weapon Diablo-style or whether this is a timing and positioning thing like Soulsborne games and I've failed to time and position properly. I keep mashing LMB, a lot of animations play, but nothing seems to happen. In short, I... actually have no idea what's happening here.

    So there we are. I think this needs a little more work before it's ready for primetime, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what a new player might expect, and perhaps highlight some potential bugs or oversights on your part. The fact that you've put all this together is already pretty rad, so keep working and tweaking, and I look forward to trying out the next build. :D
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  • I tried re-configuring the controls to use keyboard and mouse and I couldn't move or look around at all :(
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  • @Gazza_N and @Fengol thank you for your feedback. i will post another version tonight to sort out the control issues.

    Yeah all those guys in the demo are immortal right now, and I havent done an attack animation for the monsters yet. but all the damage and attack reactions are working like I would like them to. If the characters animations still look like they are lagging in comparison to their movement , then I still have to fix that. I thought I addressed it in this version. but if the movement and animation speed looks out of sync and not like the animation is lagging , then i can remedy the situation very easily.

    the low lying cloudy planes are just my own experiments , but if it sucks then i will leave it for high in the sky enviroment elements.

    unfortunately the controls configuration cant be changed since its the only configuration setup that the 3d rad engine has. So please bare with me on that one ,

    I dont know why ALT+TAB crashes the game. I think its because the engine takes the whole screen in fullscreen mode and doesnt allow switching between background apps. Does the same for me.

    Thanks for the feedback. will update soon. :)

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    Kulu said:

    Yeah all those guys in the demo are immortal right now, and I havent done an attack animation for the monsters yet. but all the damage and attack reactions are working like I would like them to.
    Alright. Obviously this is something you intend to work on, just bear in mind that, as a player, none of your underlying systems seem to be clearly communicated at this stage. I would definitely focus on telegraphing all of your combat feedback more clearly so that players better understand what's going on. Combat isn't really combat if the player can't read and react to attacks! Otherwise, if it's working as expected, then good!
    Kulu said:

    If the characters animations still look like they are lagging in comparison to their movement , then I still have to fix that. I thought I addressed it in this version. but if the movement and animation speed looks out of sync and not like the animation is lagging , then i can remedy the situation very easily.
    The frame rate seems decent and the animations are playing smoothly and without hitching. The characters are just gliding veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly across the terrain. Not sure if this is because your movement code is framerate-dependent instead of time-dependent or whether something else is going wrong, but it's definitely not a raw performance issue.
  • Kulu said:

    Hi. Im sharing a battle gameplay scene I did for Story of kennuck

    all comments and critiques welcome

    arrow keys to move. left mouse to attack
    I know this version has animation speed problems and looks like the animations are lagging. Is this the one you tried @Gazza_N

    If not then I will definately have to address it.

  • Nope. I played the very latest one you posted on the 19th of November.
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  • @Gazza_N . then I have more work to do. :( Thanks

    Hello again. I'm posting the fighting gamplay scene for Story Of Kennuck. Hopefully this one doesnt give anmation timing or slow animation bugs.

    Everything is the same as the previous version. This one is configured to use mouse and keyboard. Arrow keys to move and right mouse to attack and left mouse to throw a bomb.

    You can also configure it to gamepad. By enabling gamepad option on the game start menu ( f3 ) and then ctrl+shift+f9. To configure the individual keys. Press tab to skip the start game button configuration. Default is f1 . If you decide to configure the start game button it will also start loading the next scene. So it can be left at f1 for easier configuration.

    Okay thats it. Please provide feedback and comments especially if there is awkward movements or things happening.

    Thanks. Laters.

    17mb download . Unzips to 100 mbs
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  • I tried fullscreen and windowed, v-sync on and off with no obvious changes. I captured a gameplay gif - does this movement look correct to you? It feels to me like the beasts should be much faster with that gait. Whether that's a technical or art issue is something only you can answer for sure.

    604 x 422 - 8M
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  • making them 5 times smaller should also fix it. But I am guessing they should be big and not little chiwawas
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  • @Gazza_N. Yes thats how they should be moving in this current version. I can fix that easily. What I was worried about was the lagging animations . It looked like the animations were playing 10 times slower than usual. But that issue is fixed. In gonna address the other issues raised now. Thanks for the feedback. It has been helpfull.

    @gdbence. Yes they are not suppossed to be small monsters.

    Left click to attack. Right click to throw bomb. Arrow keys to move.

    Hello people of the web. I am once again sharing a fighting gameplay level for Story of Kennuck. This time ive done the life mechanic for the monsters , so now they die after a couple hits. Basically what I'm asking for from you is your assesment of this current version of the gameplay system. I think ive implemented the control system and the switching between walking, attacking and taking damage mechanics systems reasonably accurately. I'm not trying to mimic any other game , so dont expect fancy tripla A fighting mechanics. Just go there and hit the thing till it dies. ( sorry I'm not that good with game design) but I hope it remains enjoyable, for the brief time it lasts.

    It's been difficult to get the gamplay this far. But im glad I got this far. Maybe I will add blocks and dodges, who knows. Bloom is also added ro this scene and ive added a slight specular on the ground material, which I think gives a nice light variation.

    Please provide feedback if you play this build.
    It is 20mb download. And unzips to 100mb.

    Happy holidays and happy game developing.
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  • @Kulu It is a definitely an improvement over the last iteration. Nice! I would personally use the WASD controls instead of the arrow keys, but that is just personal preference. Dodging you say? That could work nicely and I can already picture a roll to the side to avoid an incoming attack.

    I think the walk/run animation needs some work. It feels disconnected as if the player is gliding instead of being grounded and not connected to the world a bit... I think it is just some minor tweaking required there.

    Also don't be shy to add some initial sounds. It helps with the immersion. :)

    Good work man, I wish I could make animated models like you can.
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  • @Konman. Thanks alot for the feedback. My boss will be happy with your comment. Will carry on working with this scene a bit
    more. Thanks bro.
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