Hey! So I drew Conan because he's awesome. Though I didn't do the Arnie version, this is closer to the comic book Conan the Barbarian. (I know it's meant to be a video game character.)



Real Size:


Had some fun with this! 64 X 64 is WAY bigger and WAY more work than I usually try, and it was pretty difficult scaling my normal approach to pixel art up to that size (in fact it didn't really work).

Also I posed him like a He-Man figurine, which, though I did it because I'm lazy and under pressure to do other things today, is also somewhat suitable as He-Man was originally intended to be Conan, but Conan was too sexy so they had to tone it down. (He-Man is the original Bronan the Brobarian).
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  • That's just silly good. Managing to convey his musculature is particularly impressive.

    The only problem I can identify is that one of the blood streams is broken. There is a lonely clump of red pixels near the bottom of his sword. Unless you intended it be drops of blood that is.
  • Daaaayum!

    I have meaningful input! (I think)

    The softer pixel on the very tip of the sword makes it look rather rounded overall, like a long metal club as opposed to a blade.

    His tits are nice.

    A couple of questions:

    (1) I see like a million different shades of flesh colour. That freaks me out, do you actually go for per-pixel detail on that? If not, what technique do you use? (I suppose this could be roughly translated to "how the hell did you draw this")

    (2) How long did this image take?
  • Actually, wait! Better question: off the top of your head, which three tools/thingies/settings were the most critical components of constructing this guy?
  • My eyes are bleeding pixels right now. Like Nandrew said flesh tones O_O soooooo coooool.
  • RAWR!!! Looks awesome! :D That light pixel that @Nandrew mentioned at the tip of the sword - yes it makes it look blunter :)

    I think I also see that bit of blood at the bottom @Besonance speaks of is a bit of blood on the hilt of the sword, which is separate from the body of the sword, but it is a bit difficult to read there.

    The colour use is great :D Maaaaybe just straighten off the sword (there're 2 kinks which make it not exactly 45 degree angle but it's really really not something major) :P

    COOOL :D
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    I can't seem to get the sword right... I cheaped out on it... really just needs redoing... stupid metal club.


    Yeah... it's all per pixel pencil tool... and using CRTL SHIFT F to fade the pencil to get in between tones (this is the slow way... using pen pressure, or just plain setting the pencil opacity, would be way faster). I.E. It was even slower than it looks... but I have mass experience with a mouse and the pencil tool, which allows me to cover up my weak illustration skills with sheer effort.

    At 2X:

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    Here you see Conan being a dick and killing a lion.


    Here you see him posing with a sword that is too heavy for him and leaving himself wide open to be stabbed:


    Here you see him hiding in the shade to obscure his horrible texture-work and advertising the game's quick time events:

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