DevUG CT Meetup: Network Programming for Games

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It looks like there will be a talk on game networking issues at the inaugural Developer User Group Cape Town meetup.
DevUG is a tech and vendor-neutral group that does meetups with all kinds of interesting topics around development. I've been to a couple of their Joburg meetups, definitely worth a look :)

Monday, July 23, 2018
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Entelect. Floor 3 Aurecon West, 1 Century City Drive Waterford Precinct · Cape Town


  • Mmmmh, I'd love to attend but am in PE so it's a bit far away. I have been playing with some Online Multiplayer lately using DarkRift 2 Networking and it is an awesome compact tool that is a lot of fun to play with and makes one admire this aspect of gamedev has come over the years. To those attending, I'm jealous. Enjoy.
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  • Myself and @Squidcor (Robbie) are going to be attending! Keen to hear anything about game networking or meet anyone practicing it. Thanks for spotting this @MattBenic
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  • On the wait-list, should've registered sooner I guess
  • Oh no, my lift and colleague fell through.

    Would love to hear about networking games at a Cape Town games meet up (though I know not everyone will get value out of such a specific programming topic).
  • Oh no, my lift and colleague fell through.
    By which Evan means: "Oh no, Century City is really far, maybe we can just find this information on the internet." :P

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  • Hey @EvanGreenwood

    Luckily, Shaun Silson, was kind enough to share a great resource from which a lot of the talk was based, where Fabian breaks down the source code of several games and software:

    Really interesting stuff - I just need a few weeks to read through it all :)
  • Maybe the talk could be repeated at an MGSA meetup?
  • @Oneil_CT Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty interesting stuff!

    What I'd really love is for someone to do a talk on the higher level logic patterns when keeping a game in sync, and clever ways to debug sync issues.

    We've been playing around with Photon recently, and it looks like an excellent tool that will make most of the network problems we need to solve to be game logic problems. But even with the low level stuff solved, networking is difficult work and I'd love to hear about higher level solutions to produce impressive networking results.

    Like what do you do if you want to sync hundreds of entities in a game like
  • Hey guys, if I want to host my own DevUG in Durban, how would I go about doing so, and what related topics would such an event have?
  • If it's specifically a gamedev meetup you're keen on, there have been some in the past. Maybe revive this thread to get it going again:

    If you're looking for something more general (as DevUG is), It's probably best you reach out to the DevUG organizers themselves:
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