[Event] CPT Global Game Jam 26 - 28 January 2018

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(Apologies for multiple threads, but i think it'll be helpful to have a thread per venue in case there are venue specific questions. If everyone finds this problematic, admins are welcome to merge threads).

The CPT Venue has been arranged and a site registered. Sign up for the 2018 GGJ in CPT here: https://globalgamejam.org/2018/jam-sites/cape-town-vega-school

More information will be added, but we're looking to have sponsors and pizzas as usual. Stay tuned.

(PS: Big thanks to Vega who have volunteered their venues across the country including security, internet and power cabling).
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  • Progress! JHB Vega venue has been approved (yay) and they're planning on having some workshops on photoshop and unity for people who want an intro to those aspects of game design and who might otherwise feel like they wouldn't be able to participate.

    CPT Vega is looking into offering this kind of thing too. I'll keep this thread updated :)
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