[Project] Lineblazers

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So me and my team have been developing this mobile one-tap game, because FUN to make. :)
We want to get some more feedback and will have it up in Testflight either this week or next week (anyone wants to test shoot me a PM!).

Couple 'o questions!
We are currently trying to get in touch with a good publisher, but haven't yet released anything on the Appstore. So we have the whole sha-bang ready; a trailer which you can see here and some screenshots, one-page sheet etc.

Can anyone recommend and/or does anyone have a direct link with a good publisher?
I prefer to work with someone I could actually sit down with and meet somewhere in SA. Any good ones around?
And, is the trailer clear to you guys on how the game works?


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    At first it reminded me of Audiosurf and the level bar at the top also looks audio related to some extent? Might just be my low quality viewing.
    Small thing that I guess is completely pointless but games like Geometry dash and something else have led my mind to wanting the obstacles on the track to flash/bounce to the beat.
    -Just a random opinion you don't have to take this at all.

    I cannot help with the publisher but I can confirm that the trailer makes it pretty clear how the game works ;). I would download this - looks fun.
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  • Thanks for the feedback! There is no relation to the audio whatsoever (we are kinda done with that at the moment, since we just did a huge project all audio oriented last year;)).
  • I like the arcade feel of the soundtrack.

    The game mechanics look a lot like an existing game called Proun: http://www.proun-game.com/ProunPlus.html, though I think Proun has explored the design space more extensively, and has more appealing visuals. I'm not sure if you're aware of that game, but I imagine that if you're taking this to release you'd want to find a way of showing why your game's superior.
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    I like the arcade feel of the soundtrack.
    Thanks, did that meself. :)
    The game mechanics look a lot like an existing game called Proun: http://www.proun-game.com/ProunPlus.html
    I totally understand the association you make with the game (we were aware of the game, it's from a Dutch developer I happen to know :)), but the controls are completely different. We specifically wanted to go the one-tap route, because it's a fun lil' control scheme to explore. The thing with Proun is that it is all about the visuals in combination with the music. We kinda wanted to make a simple arcade style game (on the side)... We were definitely not aiming to make a "simple" Proun. Maybe we unintentionally did, I dunno, we don't have that feeling but it might come across to others as if we have. But thanks for pointing it out. :)

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