Waves postmortem

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Chance are you haven't played Waves, the game has only sold about 15 000 units.


Everybody knows all indie developers that make it onto Steam are minted and have no money problems so why am I not sitting at a gold plated desk smoking money cigars while wearing a money hat (aside from my not smoking and looking daft in hats). Read on to find out why…

So read a really great post-mortem on an Indie game from the trenches. And I would recommend picking up Waves it is really great fun.


  • I didn't realise that developers of arena shooters were expecting to make loads of money...

    Look, he makes good points, but this is stuff he should have known before he started: It's all been said before. He's got a good conversion rate on Steam, I don't know why he's so against marketing, but that's what he needs to do to raise awareness. Yes, it's expensive for him because he's battling against the perception that people don't NEED his game. It doesn't tell you at any point that it's not exactly what you're expecting an arena shooter to be.

    Why people keep insisting on making games that don't have any obvious uniquely awesome thing that makes them different completely baffles me.
  • @dislekcia that is why I shared this here. I have read the points mentioned a couple of times but it is nice to have it in one place that people might not have read it before.

    As far as arena shooters goes I like Waves. It's a polished example of the genre (with a soundtrack I really enjoyed.)

    But as you said the game does nothing to really distinguish itself from its genre.


    As far as making similar things goes. I believe that people will try and reproduce things they enjoy. Now why they want to sell it is a different story.
  • That awkward moment when you realise it's one of those never-installed-games in your steam queue...
  • Interesting post mortem. The numbers lookd pretty solid, it would be interesting to see pre-marketing and post-marketing numbers in case studies like this, that I'd kill to see. The Game Bakers' Squids discussion made some really great points along those points.
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