SketchGroup 7.9.2012

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Sup Guys!
Sorry been really busy (and sick) so I couldn't participate last week :(

How do you guys feel about texturing a tiny mesh for practise this week? Maybe a crate or a weapon or something. I'll upload an unwrapped mesh for something that we can all work on, if you guys have any suggestions for what that would be great!

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    Yay! \^_^/

    I've been itching to practise painting metal. (And faces. So... a shield with a head on a pike? :P)
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  • That sounds cool - can you map each of our textures back onto the model and render for an awesome final shot at the end?

    My suggestion is to do something like a very low poly imp/goblin model (like ~400 tris), to get a variety of interesting creature styles (fire imp, steampunk goblin, etc), but that may be a bit too much of a mission for texturing, as well as for @bevis.
  • If the model is uploaded, and we have our own 3D program, could we not just put the UV on the model ourselves and upload that?

    Either way I am looking forward to this :3
  • Sure thing, I just thought about the folks who don't have modeling programs. In any case, I suppose it should be a mesh/UV layout that isn't too patchy so people can get an immediate idea of the art.
  • UVs shouldn't be part of it, imo. More art, less fiddling. Maybe we could just ignore UVs and use 3D painting like Sculptris? It does projection painting too, in case you really want to paint in PS. :) (Not that I've used it in a year.)
  • So whats the conclusion, we still sketching?
  • Can I suggest we make a permanent thread for weekly sketches and general work that people want feedback on. So when you have something you want crits on you just dump it there. Then we create another thread called challenges or something for specific challenges on a weekly basis. :) Just some ideas. B, over and out... :D
  • I kind of agree, but I think we should have an art discussion category for weekly sketches or challenges not a single thread. A single thread would be too much of a mission to sieve through.
  • Agreed...Anyone else with some ideas? This is just so there is no idle time between waiting for topics, anyone can post a toppic at any time and people can draw and get feedback quick as they get inspired :)
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    So I don't really know what's happening, but I spent a little bit of time creating a super low-poly model that I'm offering up for us to use. I've unwrapped it too, with a bit of space left over if you want to add anything to the model yourself.

    I think the idea here is that the model's super basic: the silhouette doesn't really give away a lot of information (which generally makes it a bad model :P). It's essentially a blank canvas, fairly vague, so that the real work is in the texture.

    Yes-yes? :)

    [ Download MGSA.obj ]
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  • This looks excellent @Elyaradine, I'm totally keen! The model is wonderfully simple but still has a quirky style, so I'm sure we'll see a bunch of interesting skins for this guy, sorta like the Bare toys.

    Should we just import the model into our modeling program and get a uv template from that? Or will you provide?
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    Oh, here's the 1024 template to save you a bit of trouble. :) It's a unique unwrap so that we can have more freedom with what we do.

    (But if it were really going into a game, depending on the design we might want to get the symmetrical halves of the character sharing the same texture space, and straighten some edges.)

    And nice link! :D
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  • Thanks, I'll give it a go over the weekend!
  • Sweet, totally gona try when I have time.
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