• Hi Fengol. 3d rad was abandoned after version 7.22 we dont know where Fernando went to, who was responsible for the later versions if 3d rad. If you want you can visit :

    That's one of the last active forums for 3d rad. Yeah, everyone says my projects are too ambitious for the engines capabilities. And they are right, I can imagine how optimised other engines are, especially for rendering 3d geometry.

    But 3d rad is so simple to use. I am learning unity though. And I'm waiting for blenders next game engine.

    Aparently theres one guy , working like 6hours a week on the new blender game engine. ( if I read the article correctly) . So I'm still gonna wait some more.

    Thanks for taking the time to check on zeroXgen. Much appreciation.
  • Kulu said:
    I am learning unity though.
    That's excellent!
    Kulu said:
    And I'm waiting for blenders next game engine.
    If I can give any advise, stick with Unity and just import your models and animations from Blender.

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  • Hi there!!

    In this video im back in the 3d rad engine. Ive added the red team to the scene. And this is the basic direction im taking with these celebration scenes. Short 1 minute in-game cutscenes. Gonna get the frame rate up now. Hope you enjoyed watching this section of the game come alive.

    Share and like if you want. Have a pleasant rest of the weekend.

  • Hey there guys!!

    A small update. Ive been working on AI vs AI matches for zeroXgen. Ive devised a tournament structure as well so that should be interesting to implement into the game. Still busy with that and the celebration scenes . After that I think I shoukd be ready for a final round of testing. Then I will add sound and music, after that I should be done with zeroXgen. Almost approaching the final stretch in this one!! Getting excited....
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  • Hey there !!

    Ive completed the AI vs AI match setups. Now I'm going to setup a tournement system.

    It's not going to be all that complex. Right now I dont want to add eleminations to the rounds. I just want the team with the highest level to be the champion of the tournememt. That is, the highest level after 4 rounds.

    One round will have each team playing twice. So player vs any team. Team 1 vs team 2. Team 1 vs team 3. Team 2 vs team 3. And then player vs any team.

    I know that one team will play 3 times in each round instead of twice but I'm not going for ultra lifelike anything (including tournement rules).

    So after 4 rounds of this . The team with the highest level will win.

    Then I will get back to the celebration scenes after that. And maybe some other cutscenes to make things a bit interesting.

    Okay. Have an awsome day or evening . Bye!!
  • Hi there.

    Ive hit a bit of a bump with zeroXgen . the game is now crashing everytime it needs to load the 5th level. (I know right...just like all my other games) . So Im gonna see if I can optimise the GFX memory usage by killing all the text objects and using sprites instead , and killing all the jpg textures and using dds textures. if that doesnt work . then I will have to dumb down all the advanced shaders and use just the default shader for everything. which will kill all the graphical niceness that I have going in the game right now.

    oh well. loose some .....loose some more !!!

    Laters guys.
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  • Hi there guys.

    A bit of good news. zeroXgen runs well with just 2 shaders in use. Water bumpy shader for the water sphere and default shader for all other objects. Well, its the best I can do right now. And it been running all day , loading and unloading scenes continuously, in one session , since this morning. It's now 7pm here, so it's been running since about 10am without crashing. So I'm happy to announce that zeroXgen is finally in a stable condition. I'm going to continue with the other features now. Atleast , I can hope it doesnt crash with the final afditions to the game , like sound and the extra cutscenes
  • Cool game :)

    I found it difficult to control...

    I felt that when you turn the character with the arrow keys if he is moving he should also move in the direction you are turning him. So if you kick off and then hold left he should lean left, like in a racing game.

    The game needs to tell you how to control the character at the start or before you start.

    I like that you can swim upside down.

    I would like to know how long a game is or when its going to end. Is there a timer?

    I really like all the aliens and humans chilling together in the screen at the beginning.

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  • Thanks Plenopterix. I will add a tutorial level or video to the game.
  • Hi there!! Hope yall be doing fine! Im still working on zeroXgen in the little gaps I have time to work on it.

    So far Ive just been working on the technical side of the game. Setting up the celebration scenes to load and fit in with the lobby scenes.
    Ive also had to tweak some areas to get the framerate above 30fps for the celebration and lobby scenes.

    That's pretty much it right now.

    I will try and get a nice final beta version for yall to try out, getting it as close to the finished product, without giving the whole game away. But yall already know what the games about and how it plays.

    Okay. Laters yo!.

  • Hey there guys. Ive made a small tutorial on how to perform basic actions in zeroXgen. New beta file gonna be releasing soon!!
    all the best , stay frosty!!
  • Hi guys. A small update.

    Ive added health bars for each of the players. So when they take damage from an attack, their health goes down. Once it reaches zero that player can no longer move or do anything.
    This should add a bit of realism and an added strategic element for the player. Ive got this gameplay mechanic working in one scene, so I still have to update the other match scenes

  • Hi . Ive done a video showing the effects of the health bar gameplay mechanic. all comments welcome
  • image

    Hi there!! Im working on an intro sequence for zeroXgen. I'm not thqt good at animation. But I try. All comments welcome.
    ZeroXgen intro 1_scene_gif_005.gif
    320 x 240 - 3M
  • Hi guys. Ive been busy under the bonnet of zeroXgen. I'm happy to report that ive got the damage-knockout-and revival ststem working. So when the players get knocked out from damage, they come back to life after 2 minutes.
    Ive also implemented the teams special attacks system. Whenever three players from any team are knocked out . The special attack of that team is triggered, unleashing devastation on the opposing team.

    But in other news, I'm hitting some major performance issues. But I will try and fix that. The performance issues only occur on my pc at home. In the systems at work, they dont occur. But I'm not targetting those good systems at work. If I can get zeroXgen to run smoothly on my potatoe pc at home, thats wgen I will be happy. But it may be that 3d rad just isnt optimised, or more likely that my scripts are causing damage to performance. I have alot of characters , switch between animations using scripts, so that might be the issue.

    Alright guys, have a good day or night cheers!!
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  • Hi there!! A bit of good news. I found what was causing all the lag. It was my scripts for animation switching and the health bars that were causing the lag. I have condensed all the knockout animation scripts to one script for each of the teams. Now all that's left is to do some sort of health bar,without ysing 3d rads default valuebar object. Gonna sit on this one a bit before settling on a solution.

    Well that's it for now....laters!!
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  • Sup! zeroXgen is turning into a real learning project rather than a video game development project. Wow ive learned so much on how to cheat!!

    Well ive sorted the performance issue and implimented a health indicator that doesnt use value bar, value print or text print. You guys were right, those things kill performance like noone is watching it lag. My solution , although not elegant, is to change the colour of the xharacter sprites that appear on the sides of the screen. Basically when the hp of a character goes below a xertain value, the sprite will turn red, the next time it appears.

    Also another thing I learned is that implementing health bars and knockout scenarios has changed the way the game plays. Often when one team triggers its special attack due to three of its player's being knocked out, the special attack annihalates the opposing team, and then the opposing teams special attack annihilates whats left of the other team. This leaves the match with no players to do anything until they are revived. It's quite hilarious to what the characters float lifeless in the arena after a double annihalation event. And takes away the fast paced original nature of the matches and puts a 2 minute pause in the middle of the match. I am actually starting to develop an appreciation for game mechanics and the balancing of all the systems in any game. Its been difficult to get this far, but I now see zeroXgen as more of an experiment, rather than a develpment. Working with game mechanics is actually really interesting.

    Well that's it from me. Happy deving

    Hello guys. This is the lasts gameplay demo for zeroXgen. Just the one level. I. This demo you can see how the game plays, with all the gameplay mechanics working together in one scene. All comments welcome!. Happy New year to all the rad lepricons
  • Hi guys. Just a bit of a development progress. I ran into more performance issues with zeroXgen. It was lagging very badly. Well my solution....which was a desperate one, was to condense my some of my scripts into one script. It seems that having alot of scripts that do little things here and there is bad for 3d rad. Ive condensed all those scripts into about 4 scripts. So the amount of scripts were about 20 , each doing something, somewhere. Now they are 4 scripts. Ive realised how unoptomised my project was, before I did this. Well now atleast I know how to condense my scripts into one script, and also learned a nit about coding in angel script. Atleast now I dont really need to use an event on value object. Wow, scripting helps alot!! Frame per secound is now constantly above 55 fps on my nvidia gt 620. And I also tested on my intel hd gfx (2500 series) . Same story, above 50 fps.

  • I made a little intro video for zeroXgen. All comments welcome.
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  • Hi guys. Ive finally gotten back to doing some of the team celebrations for zeroXgen . This is part of Green Team 1's celebration scene.

    all comments welcome.
  • hi there. just a small update on zeroXgen. I am going to be starting with sound effects and sound tracks for zeroXgen soon. I already did , but got bored and started watching game dev videos. but im gonna start pretty soon with the music thingy.

    have a cool weekend guys!
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    Sup guys. Hope yall are well.

    Im here with a demo of one level of zeroXgen, featuring the background music that will feature in the final game. Each match has different music playing. And each team celebration scene has its own music. Most of the soundtracks are courtesy of

    All feedback welcome. Give this build a go!


    Yo. Here is another demo of zeroXgen. This is a more complete demo, will all the matches and celebration senarios, including music. To start a match just hit "Enter" in the teams lobby area (the scene that looks like the players are just chilling) ' if it's your turn to player after you hit "Enter" then choose who to play against by oressing either F1 , F2 or F3 . You will also notice that ive given tge player team 1 starting bonus point to spend on leveling one of the player teams' characters. To level your players press either "5" for the player at the top of the list "1" is for the lowest player in the vertical list , which is the main player character. After each of you players have reached level 1 . Your team rank will increase. Team rank doesnt affect anything other than standings in the tournament. Only player levels affect player performance. The Ai vs Ai matches are just for spectating. You have to watch the whole game till someone wins , so that they advance in the tournament, otherwise you will be keeping them from leveling, and stopping the tournament from progressing. Right now the tournement is in infinite mode, which means the matches will continue forever, but in the final build , I will have a winner after a couple rounds of matches, and who ever has the highest team level wins. Then I will have a tourbement champions scene for each team. Then that should be it, for this game.....thats all I wanted to do with it......Give the demo a go and provide feedback if you find something odd or not. Fps wise, I was getting 60fps on matches scenes and +- 30 fps on celebration scenes . On my gt 620 nvidia (not overclocked) .
    I think its because I disabled the advanced shaders and disabled realtime shadows.

    Okay, thats ir from me . Laters
  • Why don't you just randomize or calculate the winner of the AI vs AI matches instead of forcing the player to watch them?

    Or maybe start the match but allow the player to skip and then calculate the winner?
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  • I can try and do a fast forward mechanism. But I like the random nature of the matches, I enjoy watching them. I will look into a quick skip/randomised winner scenario. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hello fellow quarentine subjects from national vault 4505

    At the link above you will find, if interested, the latest build of zeroXgen.

    Updates implemeted:


    1. Action third person camera with shake and alignment to player character , when attacking or shooting , activated by the default "c" key.

    2. Fast forward option for A.I vs A.I matches activated with "F3" key

    3. Ambient water motion sound effect implemented into all matches.

    4. Goal score sound effect implemented into all matches, activated by any team scoring a goal.

    5. Reworked the knockout mechanic to be activated without the use of a seperate script.

    6. Tournement round counter implemented and set to go up to round 4, whereby the team with the highest team level (directly linked to number of matches won by that team), will be crowned champions.

    (I haven't tested this feature yet, but should be working)


    Currently working on the following:

    1. Individual crowning of each team as the champions, through in-engine cutscene

    2. Fixing of teams stats boosts for each level gained.

    3. Bonus round ( which I'm keeping a secret, cause I might or might not implement it )

    Bye. :P
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    Hi guys. Hope yall are well!

    Good news for anyone keeping track of zeroXgen and its progress.

    Its finally finished!! Yay!!

    Updates implemented


    1. Individual teams tournament champions crowing cutscene is done and has been implemented

    2. Stats boosts for all team players implemented and fixed.

    3. Added ambient crowd sound effects for all related levels that feature some type of visuals of a crowd. (Sound effects sourced from )

    4. Fixed some other issues I had with the special attacks mechanics


    Stuff I still want to add:

    1. I still want to add a bonus level to the game, even though its finished , according to me. I just found the model I wanted to add as a bonus. I couldnt find it since I modelled it long , long ago. But I found it now and am still contemplating if I really want to add this guy as a bonus level........ ;-)


    Thanks to everyone who particapated and kept giving advise for improvements and general interest. Thanks MGSA and thanks Classdev.
    Its been 4 years now! I'm sure yall got tired of me and my posts a long , long time ago. But if your still around even now then. Salute mi amigo!! Thank you for showing an interest!!

    My next project is a 3 hour feature length film based on I hope you will stick around longer.........YEAH RIGHT!! just kidding . Thanks all.

    I dont plan on making money from this, but dammit I enjoyed myself.....

    Keep pushing the power level!!

    Laters guys.



    Eish.....mara why?

    I forgot to add the intro to the game!!! :-)

  • Hi guys. I made another trailer for zeroXgen. All comments and share welcome, if you like.

    Its out guys!! Woop!!
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  • Whoops.....

    Found some faults with zeroXgen. Been updating it over the past couple months.

    Ive also been adding a basic story through prerendered cutscenes.....

    If anybody has played the latest version , please let me know your thoughts. It really goes as long way to comment.

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    Its finally done. Enjoy!!

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  • Hey @kulu, congrats on releasing!

    I wanted to check out zeroXgen,

    Clicking download on actually took me to a google drive link. That was a pretty rough experience because I had to click through a few Google dialogues and wait for it to show a message saying "Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses". I was eventually able to download it but you'd have a lot less friction if you uploaded directly to itch, instead of using a gdrive link.

    The download was pretty large at 330mb. This might put off a lot of folks from trying it out, especially those with slower connections or data limits. Perhaps there's a way to reduce the build size in the engine you're using?

    The game downloaded a 7zip file, which can't be extracted without having a third-party extration tool. I had one, but I suspect many people who try this out may not have one or want to go through the trouble of finidng and installing one to unzip the 7z file. I'd recommend using the .zip format in future to reduce friction for players.

    Finally when I tried to run the game, all I got was an error:

    It's a real pity because from this thread I can see you've put a bunch of love and energy into this project but I think most people will be unable to enjoy your work.
    2020-06-29 14-04-42 Screenshot.png
    409 x 168 - 7K
  • Thanks for the feedback ashashza.

    Just install c++ 2005 runtimes, and direct x 9c
    Gfx card must support pixel shader 2.

    (Im not allowed to bundle these softwares , because.....)

    Thanks for letting me know about those hassles you ran into. I linked the download, because was giving me upload errors. I contacted support many times and got no reply. Thats why I want to try another site like gamejolt. I will try a nice clean upload again tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

    I really tried to optimise all my assets for small file sizes, but I couldnt quite manage to shrink it enough. I use 7zip, cause its the best compression software I know of.

    Ideally I would love to upload to my own site, but my wallet isnt allowing me.

    Thanks for the valuable feedback ashashza .
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  • Update 2020 08 11

    Ive updated the downloads with a version of zeroXgen that should be easier to run on Onboard gfx and slower performance pc setups. Im not guaranteeing a flawless performance of the game , but I have tested it on an Intel i3 with dedicated gfx : HD 2500. Option to turn off bloom is available for slower pcs.
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