[Prototype] Spew 2 - Level Design Attempt

Hey all,

I've been meaning to intentionally practise level design for a while, so I took the last thing I made for LD45 and tried to breathe more life into it with levels. Meet Spew 2: https://ashashza.itch.io/spew-2


I'm pretty happy with this as my first real stab at level design, even though there's a long-list of stuff I think is obviously bad ... and probably an even-longer list of stuff I don't even realise is bad!

If you play this, I'd love to hear if anything in particular delighted or frustrated you. If you've had experience with level design I'd love to get your general thoughts after playing and/or things you think could be quick-wins.

I'd be happy to share my overall approach to designing, prototyping and ultimately building out these levels if anyone else would find that helpful.


  • I enjoyed it. its a fun concept. well done!
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  • Funny game :)

    I thought the level design was very good.
    I wanted to walk around a bit more in the first level actually.
    I enjoyed stepping in on the people having a meeting haha and reading the banners.
    The ball is tough to control. Maybe that's how its supposed to be.

    I didn't know what to do when the mechanics/objectives changed like at the subway level and the pathology lab but i eventually figured it out.

    Only right at the end the game lagged pretty seriously.
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  • @Plenopterix Thanks for much for trying this out and taking the time to give your thoughts. So glad you got to see the finish, I had a the most fun making that.

    Regarding tough ball control, I think I know what you mean. Do you mind clarifying though? Was it too slow/fast? camera issues? Did it not move as expected? I'd love to understand the root cause and improve it for future games.

    I hear you on the mechanic changes, I was concerned that the changes might be too distinct given the small number of levels. When you figured out the mechanic changes ... did that feel satisfying or were you frustrated by having to try a bunch of things before that?
  • The ball changes direction slowly, as if pushing the arrow buttons doesn't have much force. But that's not necessarily bad. It makes it challenging.

    When I figured out the mechanics it was kind of satisfying, ja. It was a bit frustrating until then. But I like having the chance to figure it out on my own without handholding. Maybe the only thing that is confusing is that there are turnstyles that I was trying to get through and I couldn't understand why I couldn't get through.
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  • @Plenopterix I think we're on the same page about the ball control. Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback.

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