[Site] Maintenance 5-7-2012

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Hi guys,

firstly, just a warning, the site will be undergoing maintenance for the next few hours (changes will happen live), please just bear in mind that certain things could behave weirdly (or break) as I change things, and not all changes will happen immediately. I will keep this post up to date with the changes as I make them.

<li>Adjust front page view (allowed the page to show everything with less scrolling, replace the javascript twitter widget with a custom written widget)</li>
<li>Added "hearting" to posts</li>
<li>Swap rich text editing with BBCode markup</li>
<li>Enabled Quotes</li>

Let me know if there are any problems with these updates in this thread.

<em>Note: there will be an editor for BBCode once I fix the plugin, also old posts will require you to fiddle with the horrible HTML if you edit them, sorry</em>

<a href="http://makegamessa.com/discussion/21/site-suggestions-requests-etc-#Item_31">Further suggestions/requests belong here</a>
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  • Maintenance complete.
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  • Great to see the BBCode, and that I still remember it. Perhaps a thread of site rules, and how to use BBCode as a sticky? I believe that a new to a forum guide could be quite useful.

    (I'm posting this here just, because my current concern is that there should be a good place to find, and reference, BBCode.)
  • Yay! Editor :)

    Huge thanks edg3!

    Best place to put a BBcode tut link is right by the text field itself.
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    edg3 said:
    Maintenance complete.
    I think quotes may be broken or they were at time of posting.

    Edit: yes they are currently broken my side at least. its giving me the code
    <blockquote class="UserQuote"><div class="QuoteAuthor"><a href="/profile" rel="nofollow"></a> said:</div><div class="QuoteText"><p>Maintenance complete.</p></div></blockquote>
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    Will look into it.

    Edit: I swear, everything was working fine when I logged off and it all showed fine (it even shows perfectly in the preview), then somewhere in between something shat a brick. After my work for today can fix it.
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    It was working. Wonder what changed. :/

    Also... I see the BBCode came with smileys. :) If you want the Pixofile ones, you're welcome to. It's been years, but I still think they're really good. ^_^
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    Elyaradine said:
    It was working. Wonder what changed.
    Ok, so I found the culprit in the "Quotes" plugin, that will just be disabled for now (the guy that wrote it does his own BBCode parsing like a tool).

    Also, added a BBCode Guide link to posting boxes and the FAQ page.

    @Elyaradine these images were standard with the BBCode plugin, but they arent entirely consistent, so the pixofile ones would work great!
  • Much progress, so many niggly little things to deal with. Thanks for putting up with them @edg3.
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    @dislekcia It is mostly that I had to force the Quotes plugin to think we had the right version of the Vanilla forum, 2.1 shouldn't be too long away though.

    Edit: Added a background to quotes, it makes them more readable.
  • Edit: Added a background to quotes, it makes them more readable.
    Yay! :)

    Don't know if it's something you can control, but if I edit a post, I lose any <3's that I've been given. That makes me sad. :P
  • I can look into it. I don't see why it needs to clear really :)
  • I believe Elyaradine is saying that it does clear when he edits, and he would like it to not clear.
  • Excuse the double post, but might I add that I totally think we should use the Pixofile emoticons I mean they totally fit with the blue theme we have going here :D
  • I was saying I don't see why it should do that when he edits, I.e. I will fix it. :P
  • Coolios :)

    Also under the profile there is a hearted tab. It currently shows my posts that have been hearted, any chance there is a way that I can find posts that I have hearted? (If possible keeping them in two lists would be cool.)
  • Noted it in the suggestions thread.

    This topic will be sunk tomorrow some time (no longer announced), I am sure people have seen the changes by now.
  • When I create a new discussion, the option showing the BBCode Guide is not available :(
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    @aodendaal Will fix that now quickly.

    Edit: Sorted.
  • On the mobile theme images don't show.
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