How to Create Homing Missiles in game

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What is a Homing Missile?

What is the logic behind Homing Missiles?

How to use Homing Missiles in Unity?

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These will give you a brief introduction to Homing Missiles in Game (2D). A script for Homing missile is also included and explained here.

How to Create Homing Missiles in game : Unity Tutorial How to Create Homing Missiles in Unity
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  • If a homing missile has too much speed, and a target moves faster than a missile can turn, the missile will miss.

    It may be worth calculating where the player will be based on his known velocity, and adjust aim to an interception point instead. Though this same thing can be done in turrets as well, otherwise a player can just strafe all over and never get hit.

  • Depending on what the missile is for, missing is perhaps an important feature. For example in mobile games like Go Plane (and many others) and my own little Orbits game, if the player can't dodge a homing projectile, it wouldn't be a game.

    That's down to game design.
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