I desperately need an SDL dev

Hi guys, are any of you skilled in SDL? I'm forming a team for a fighting game and I need a dev. PM me if you're interested


  • It would help a lot if you shared more details of the project you're wanting people to join and the compensation they can expect. You posted this in "jobs" so I'm assuming it's a paid position, but if you're expecting to compensate with rev share then that's pretty important. Without sharing details of your project upfront I think you're unlikely to be getting many interested people contacting you. Whereas, if you share enough that they can get really excited about the project, then you stand a much better chance of finding what you need :)

    I don't personally have any time for the foreseeable future, but I'm curious why you want someone to use SDL and not a game engine? SDL is really just a low level framework to make a lot of I/O easier, at least AFAIK. Also, do you want a C/C++ dev? Technically you can use SDL bindings in many languages, but I haven't heard of many ppl doing that.
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  • Hi Francoisvn, I worked with unity for a long time before this, but I feel like SDL will give us more control. I can pay for a coder, but it's out of my pocket and my budget is small. I'm planning on starting a kickstarter to fund the project once I have included two characters and a level. so far it's me and a sound engineer, with a musician on the way
  • Out of interest, what sort of l additional control do you think you will get out of SDL?

    While unity is hardly a silver bullet, I have found that for the most part Unity can handle many different use cases, and has quite a bit of granular control. I am interested to find out what motivated the decision.

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  • Why would you use SDL over cocos2d-x ?
  • If you're not sure why SDL can be a good choice for game development, might I recommend the following book: SDL Game Development which does a great job of showing you how to leverage the power of SDL 2.0 to create awesome games in C++.
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  • Hey @Duvo, glad to see another fan of fighting games :)

    I'm just curious, what type of fighting game are you thinking of making? I only ask because "fighting games" have become a sort of catch all phrase for any game that focuses on combat.

    - Is it a Action Platformer like Dust: An Elysian Tail or Devil May Cry?
    - Is it a Brawler like Streets of Rage, Dragon's Crown or *cough* Shattered Realms *cough*?
    - is it a Competitive Fighting Game like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear or Smash?

    Whichever one it is, all the best of luck.
    And let me know if you would like to chat about fighting games in general. The local FGC can always do with more players ;)
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