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Hey Guys,

So I have been doing a lot of PM'ing lately getting thoughts on how we can maybe start up a Game Audio Focused group/community going. So far its all been positive and there seems to be interest. (I didnt want to invest too much of time on nothing)

So at the moment I have set up a Facebook group which you can find here:

I am thinking of maybe organizing a Field recording "Jam". Where we can set up a theme and then we all go ahead and record sounds for the theme/topic and share them amongst the group. Or even if its geographically possible we can make it a meet up kind of vibe. (This might be Sound Design focused, so maybe have a similar thing for the muso's except do a Music Jam. I don't know. haha)

I think collectively theres a lot of knowledge that can be shared, from design and composition to DAW's and Middleware (Wwise / Fmod) which I feel is an exciting prospect.

For now thats all Ive got... Feel free to join the group and share your thoughts and ideas on how we can take this forward.


  • Hey guys. I got in contact with a zoo in midrand who seem ok with me going there to get some animal source recordings for creature sfx design. Wondering if there's anyone else interested in tagging along and making a day of it :D.
  • Wish I could :-/
  • Hi Sash! Glad to see another aspiring game audio designer such as myself. I fully support your idea of creating a game audio group and having meetings and such. Also, I'd love to tag along to that zoo field recording day if you haven't had it yet. Let me know!

  • Hey @Jecht awesome and welcome! Always good to hear about new audio people. I actually haven't done the trip yet. I was planning on doing it early next year. Ill let you know closer to the time. Just need to finalise things with the zoo itself.
  • Hi Sash, awesome! Well please let me know when you get the green light so I can join. Have an awesome festive season!
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  • @Sash I'm keen to tag along! Depends on when you go! I'm around for most Jan but away towards the end of it!
  • Make those recordings available for us too if you can :P
  • @Tim_Harbour, it would be awesome if you tagged along. So im only available till mid Jan then I'm out of the province for a month. So if I can organise for early Jan I'll let you know otherwise end Feb is probably when this will happen. I will keep you updated :)

    @Mexicanopiumdog ofcourse I'll dropbox them as soon as its all done and dusted. Might be cool to have a sound library that we share with eachother. I'll look into it. But for now. Dropbox should suffice :)
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  • How did the trip go? Were any sound files dropboxable?
  • Well... The trip didn't happen. Life got in the way haha. I still think it's a cool idea though.
  • Sash said:
    Hey Guys,

    So I have been doing a lot of PM'ing lately getting thoughts on how we can maybe start up a Game Audio Focused group/community going.....
    Hi everyone here. I have been active in a Dutch Game Audio community where we organised some concerts, meet-ups etc. Maybe I can be of some sort of assistance? I only just moved down like 7 weeks ago so I don't have a full insight into the Game Audio community here but am always keen on hooking up with others. :)
    I am based in Somerset West!
  • @basecamp_ivo I had a similar experience in Vancouver. Game audio peeps had meet ups and events and it was an awesome vibe. There is a Facebook group that I created awhile back which has shown some growth. There's the odd post every now and then but it has been very quiet lately. Feel free to join that and share any suggestions you have if you haven't already. :) link in OP
  • @basecamp_ivo The community of game audio engineers in Cape Town is very small but do come to the next meet up or one of the game jams - there will always be one of us around to chat with!
  • Would anyone be interested in doing some sound design challenges with me? Im pretty new to game design audio and i thought making more sound alongside someone might help speed up the learning process among other things.
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  • Hey @Mexicanopiumdog, when do you have the Cape Town game audio engineer meetups? I'm moving to the Cape in Feb and would dig to meet up with some fellow game audio-phites.
  • Hi @garyhiebner! Great to hear that you are joining the forces down here! ;) We don't have separate Game Audio meet-ups (yet) but come along to the Monthly meet-ups that happen on the last wednesday of the month. There is generally a stickied post on the forum a week in advance so pop in around the 20s of Feb and you should get all the infos..
  • Awesome sauce! Will come through to one of the meetups! Shot for the heads up.
  • Hello fellow audio lovers. I'm a newbie to the gaming industry and would love to come to one of the meetings or even thought of registering for the Global Game Jam. Anyone joining the one at UCT? Are any of you actively working on games and if so, is it work from abroad or local? Mainstream or Indie? Any of you from Cape Town? Is there maybe a whatsapp group I could join with info on gatherings/meetings in cape town? wow, that's a lot of questions.
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  • Hey man. At this point we only have a FB group:
    unless there is some whatsapp group that I don't know of,
    I'd definitely recommend joining the GGJ, I had tons of fun last time and made a lot of friends/contacts.

    We did this in 2017 in Cape Town:♣êxquiitémïcrôwáve»17

    I am currently working on some local games - and I work from Pretoria currently.

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