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Hi Guys,

If you're interested in a slack group where we can catch up and network - feel free to join or

Hope to see you online!



  • How exactly do we join, i went to that site and it's complaining about not being registered...
    Hi there,
    You asked us to send you a password reset link for However, this email address isn't currently associated with that team.
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    Hey Critic,

    Sorry - mistakenly set to invite only... can you let me know what domain your email address is on so I can add it? currently allowing (if that's you - try again)

    Scratch that - isn't allowed, figures desgined for teams and they're usually part of the same company or a direct invite - sigh.

    Looks like I'm going to need you guys to pm or post your emails here and I'll add you - that sucks but it will work!

  • Invite sent!
  • Please if anyone else would like invites, send me pm with your email address. Reason for slacks use is because as developers we're usually a part of a few slack teams anyway. One app, one place for everything.

    I am usually very quick to respond so please let me know and you'll get access.
  • Thanks for the requests @critic & @krazysh01 keep them coming!
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    Thanks @thoopid!

    And with that I've got a solution for our slack blues... please use this link to invite yourselves: <-- I can't test this myself, so please alert me to any issues with it.

    Of course you're free to still PM me and I'll manually send out invites to those.

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    There is also already with a #game-dev channel. @mattbenic, @daverussellsa, @garethf, @KamikazeHamster and I are members and there are over 700 on the #general channel
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    Sweet will join that too. #game-dev chan is a bit generic, the need to a separate slack would be channels geared towards specific things like:

    alpha/beta builds
    art projects
    game projects

    Not just one channel with a lot going on in it. Let's see how this trial goes.
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    Beware not to fall into the trap of thinking you need to create all these different channels to manage the flow of conversation. You'll end up with dead channels because some topics occur infrequently or no one is interested enough.

    Rather grow organically, create one channel for all conversations and only when it gets dominated by a certain topic, then create a new channel so the first channel can return to normal.

    MGSA has resisted creating new categories and spreading too thin, but you can see the Meta Discussions and Audio categories should probably be removed because they're not being used.
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  • Truth! will be mindful of that.

    Thanks to all the members who have joined us so far, turning out to be a popular little place to hangout and network already!
  • Big thanks for the support, now 10 registered and most of us are online during some point of the day. Feel free to join us!
  • Hi all.
    The zadev slack mentioned above by @Fengol is actually being merged into the zatech slack, which also has a game-dev channel already. May I suggest that rather than build up a specialized community, you join the #game-dev channel there.

    The benefits of
    • ZATech have a full/paid for slack, which means permanent history and unlimited attachments. They also have open access.
    • ZATech itself is well established, has a huge membership, so we'd get "passing trade" members in game-dev
    • #game-dev specifically has been going for over a year so well established
    • ZATech has other useful related channels on the slack
    • Open access (unlike ZADev)
    The join URL is:

    *please note*: I'm not trying to start any kind of community conflict/war/competition here, it just makes a whole lot more sense to me to be in a specialized channel of a larger tech community, than in an overall specialized community

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  • @mattbenic,

    I actually prefer having a separate slack team dedicated to gamedev, with separate channels for different topics(tech, art, design, etc). Zatech is awesome, but I don't think 1 channel is sufficient for all game dev topics, and it will become cluttered soon. Also zatech has mainly programmers, many of whom is not really interested in gamedev.

    It would be nice if we could get everyone interested in gamedev on the same slackteam, discussing design, art, marketing, etc, and not focussed solely on programming.

    Slack manages different teams well, so I don't see the problem with having a mgsa slack team. I currently have 5 slack teams active.
  • Fair enough, though I see no reason why there couldn't be a geme-dev-art, etc (not that I've asked the admins there about that). I think having a full history (which, remember, is searchable), is more valuable. But different strokes :)

    I have multiple teams as well (including zadev and zatech). I actually tried joining gamedevsa as well to discuss with admins, but the open signup seems to be gone.
  • Thanks for the insight Matt and completely get that you're not coming from a hostile point of view (who cares anyway right... internet so touchy touchy lol).

    I'm super cool with either - however I've grown to enjoy the tightness / very focused setup we're running already as the separate MGSA branded slack channel. I share all the sentiment that petrc mentioned above and very happy to remain where we are for the foreseeable future.

    I haven't seen you sign up (and no pressure to) but maybe pop in to see activity level / focus etc.
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  • Sorry @mattbenic, what sign up you referring to? This link: or ?

    Both working - unless you mean another site maybe?
  • Ah, I was trying to sign up by visiting, which redirected to and just had a sign in. I missed the heroku.
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  • Updating title now :P
  • So... I've been absent from checking the forums in a while, my bad :P

    What's the deal now? @CuCl3 made a slack, and @Fengol posts that there has always been a slack with 700 members?

    Why have I never heard of any of this before :P
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  • Lol, welcome back! @Tuism
  • @Tuism The summary is that there are two now game dev communities on slack.

    1) Two long-standing local tech and dev related slack groups (ZATech and ZADev) that both have gamedev channels, and are now merging (join link is

    2) In addition, @CuCI3 has started a dedicated local game development slack, which can be joined at
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