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Hey Everyone,

I made a prototype for a personal game jam and I'd love to know what you all think of it.

The objective is to match the colours on the grid by unfolding over them. To get to other colours, you need to overlap where you've unfolded before. There are just six levels right now but I think that's enough to determine whether the game is fun or not.

Use the arrow keys to move and if you get too tangled, press the white cross to fold up again.

You can play it now at this URL:




  • Hi,

    I really like this concept! Simple and well executed.

    I do have a minor niggle though - it seems that I need to make an extra move at the end to complete the level, that seems a bit strange. I'd expect when I hit the last block correctly it'd just finish the level.

    otherwise - great stuff
  • This looks cool. Some thoughts:

    - A nice level of polish. Having the tiles flip over is satisfying.
    - Put an "http://" before your link so it's clickable:
    - Agree with @shanemarks: trigger the win when you reach the last tile.
    - It's not 100% clear that blue = 1, yellow = 2, and red = 4 (?). Maybe put little dots inside the tiles so you can immediately see it. This also helps with colourblind.
    - The style of the level won popup doesn't quite match the rest of the game, which is generally quite consistent.
    - I would make the cross something more like a back or undo button. I think the cross communicates something a bit different.

    You should also definitely have a look at Unium for some ideas. There are actually a couple games that have similar mechanics to this, but that's not an issue, I think you're already taking this is a different direction.

    I see 2 possible directions you could take this further (there are likely others I haven't thought of): 1) add a bunch of levels which more-or-less keep the same difficulty level, or 2) ramp up the difficulty level with new mechanics or complexity. I think #1 would benefit from writing a procedural generation system, but only try that if it sounds fun (cause it's rather difficult to get right sometimes). #2 is somewhat more interesting IMHO, there are a lot of possible options for mechanics you could add.
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    Thanks for the feedback @shanemarks @francoisvn

    I've made a lot of small changes that hopefully fix the issues you pointed out. Wow, Unium is a lot like my game. If I go for #2 as you suggested, @francoisvn, then I think I'd have a more interesting game.
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