Ifriky Music Design

Hi Everyone,

I'm Ifriky Tadadjeu, new guy on the block.
I have been designing music and composing for years but I am new in the game industry (and in the movie and animation and documentary industries)... In short, new guy on the block.

My company, Ifriky(Pty)Ltd delivers finished original music (Scored, materialised, recorded and mastered). This is either done to pictures, motion pictures, raw or edited footage, or simply pre-production as theme music. We also deliver vocals (speech and singing). With our partners we have the capability to record choirs, orchestras and bands of various sizes.

Here are some samples...

Sei Tu : Instrumental music expressing the unchanging aspects of people

Eole : Inspired by beauty that cannot really be explained

It's OK: Instrumental music expressing the idea that there is a positive side to every situation

You can listen to some more on soundcloud here:


Many thanks for your attention. Looking forward to great discussions ahead.

Stay blessed


  • Hi ifriky! Welcome to the Games-community!

    You have a very interesting style, very expressive and there is a strong emotional presence in your songs.
    I like that your sound is much more raw and acoustic than digitally stitched together, something that can stick out in today's musical genres.
    I am interested to see how one could adapt your type of music into something like gaming, it might be a bit of a stretch for contemporary games but maybe this could be something that can be explored more on the Indie-side.

    Keep writing music man! And pop around to our meet-up tomorrow if you want to chat a bit more!

  • Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! I will do everything I can to be there tomorrow.
    I will enjoy the opportunity to meet everybody.

    I am keen to explore the design of music for a contemporary game... It will forever be fun!!!!
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