Smestorp's rad local 2 player games Kompendium

edited in Questions and Answers<br><br>Y'all need to download this pack of 9 games and talk about local multiplayer game design right the fuck now.<br>


  • I thought the maze one was pretty cool, thought the colours got a little confusing sometimes, making it difficult to see exactly what is/isn't the "path" that you need to stay on. I suppose local multiplayer games need quite an efficient design in terms of screen space/controls (especially if you're only using a keyboard for multiple players)<br><br>I've been wanting to make a sort of racing game where players play after each other in a hotseat sort of fashion and the track gets automatically generated based on the previous player's run (for example using a modification of their exact driving line or something).<br>
  • Just played a couple hours of this with a friend; our favourite was Exuberant Struggle. Really, really awesome and makes you think how else to make a vesus game
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