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Hi, we have started a new game Avoidroid. This is the blurb from the webpage: http://www.avoidroid.com/

"Welcome to our in-development game project, Avoidroid. Avoidroid is a multi-platform game, built on the Unity game engine. Intended platforms for release include Facebook/web, iPad, Android tablet, and Windows/Mac stand-alone.
While the current web version of the game is entirely playable, it still exhibits incomplete and/or rapidly changing features, temporary art and unfinished UI elements."

We have basically about 8 game mechanics, but need serious testing or feedback as to what is fun and what is not. We have some interesting ideas like crafting and configuring your droid, through to almost crimson land like gameplay, but right now we would really like some feedback on initial impressions, does it have potential, was it fun, and how is could be improved! :)

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    Gave it a quick play between work sessions, I really liked that it was playable in-browser. Quick aside, I couldn't seem to set the music to off (which I wanted to do when reading other pages or working while it was open in my browser) - it just got really quiet and then would seem to stop playing when focus wasn't on the app after enough time, presumably when it ran out of buffered sound.

    At first I was a little apprehensive, the story text and random characters kinda didn't grab me. I definitely feel like you could up the juicyness of your tutorials quite a lot, a really simple addition would be making the button you're supposed to click next pulse or glow when you should click it. I kinda sat there waiting for that to happen for a while instead of hitting Ready ;)

    The gameplay opened up slowly, it was bland with just the moving but got more interesting with the mining and shooting. One thing I'd really like to do is make the overview menu pause the current action and also be the only place where you could set where you were moving towards. That would make a lot of sense to me. I also ran into a situation where my bot was going totally the wrong way to go pick up something non-essential (on the first level with the batteries) and I couldn't make it target the exit, no matter what I did, so I ran out of energy.

    So yeah, I think you've got something that feels fun there. Things that I'd do to it, if it were my project:
    • Remove the inbetween level stuff, just make enemies pop up out of the floor and resources/meteorites slam down from the sky. Maybe even switch the story to you being a recycler-bot on a space dump planet and you're trying to get off-world by scrounging enough parts, etc.
    • Put a menu button everywhere in the game, so that players could change music/sound settings without having to keep exiting back to the previous menu.
    • Zoom in on enemies and the bot in-world instead of showing them in the overlay like you do.
    • Squeeze as much juice as possible into the tutorial to make players get to the clicky-shooty action ASAP.
    • Make everything 1-click compatible so that it would port easier to touch-screen devices.
    I didn't get to the upgrading parts, but I'm curious as to what axes of upgrading you've chosen?
  • Thank you for the excellent and detailed feedback, you raise some good points, the next version actually has some of these features, as well as a planned animated and voice over shortened tutorial.

    The crafting system: we are still deciding, a lot of potential there...

    The next update hopefully youll see some big changes, good to know you found something fun in there: )

  • Hi dislekcia, since you gave a whole lot of feedback, just wanted to update this thread with new video showing of a load of gameplay refinements and new features. The game is basically becoming a game of two repeating halves - you mine, gather and make stuff, all in time to defend yourself against waves of enemies. Once the wave is clear, repeat, until you have mined all the minerals in the zone. Although the TD features are only 10% done now (no building and placing towers, only one fixed tower type for testing, etc), it's all happening fast so keep an eye on the site... www.avoidroid.com. VIDEO UPDATE: Chat soon!
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