Steam sales!!

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Obligatory thread for any must-have games that are currently on steam sale :D

I'm busy catching up with indie games... so far I've bought Bastion and Binding of Isaac. I also still have Orcs Must Die from a previous sale that I haven't gotten around to downloading (4gb a bit rough on my cap). Limbo is also on sale but I've played it on PS3 before.


  • Yeah, those bastards are really sneaky to do a new set of deals every day... I've already blown a ton of cash and I'll spend more before the specials are done...

    I mean, I already have 96 games on my steam, some of which I'm still meant to play! Great prices though!

    Also, Bastion rocks <3
  • bought the batman... *cough* 17GB download I have to do some time...
  • Splice is a stunning piece of visual design. As is Trine 2. Also got Frozen Synapse and Space Chem while they were on special (catching up I know). Lots of new games, but like, hardly any money spent.
  • Steam always has sales at the worst times for me.
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