7DRL-2023: NoNameBrandRogue

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I used OpenAI to design the roguelike idea I had this year; and suffice it to say I'm enjoying eVX, my own personalised engine on FNA-XNA using Vulkan. There should, hopefully, be a playable version some time soon.

- 2023.03.06 - edg3.co.za - 7drl-2023-03 #1 Introducing NoNameBrandRogue/

- 2023.03.11 edg3.co.za - 7drl-2023-11 #2 7DRL Submittion: NoNameBrandRogue

Test Version(s)
- 7DRL Submission for Testing: 2023.7DRL.NoNameBrandRogue.rar (8.6mb)


  • Added progress; testing 7DRL (couldn't finish it) download is up.
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