OpenGL Developer Wanted C#/C++

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Comment from admin: this listing has been removed as it was not for a game development role.


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    According to the forum rules, job postings need to include more information than you've provided:
    - A job must be posted by the company offering the position/contract and the company must be clearly identifiable.
    - The position must be clearly stated as a game development position/contract.
    - The job post must contain a description of the skills/qualifications required, an indication of payment/budget/salary, expected timeframe for the job and a job description that clearly communicates job responsibilities.
    - The job post may not be solicitation for spec work or in the form of a competition reward.
    - If you don't update your job listing to meet the guidelines within 24 hours, your listing will be removed.
    This seems to be for a non-game position, and therefore not appropriate for these forums?
  • @francoisvn I've added as much information as I can.

    Yes this isn't a game developer position, developers who like game development will however likely enjoy this position, it has lots of math and visualization. I have personally benefitted from a posting like this 8 years ago.

    Please let me know if I missed anything or you would like clarification on something.

  • Sorry, but we only allow game development related positions on this forum now. Not sure about 8 years ago, but that's the current policy.
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