SA Game Jam 2022

Since no one has posted about it (I'm not involved in the organisation - Free Lives is once again sponsoring the event and prizes):

This weekend: 4-7 November 2022
48 hour jam: 6pm Friday the 4th to ~8pm Sunday the 6th
72 hour jam: 6pm Friday the 4th to ~8pm (11:59pm) Monday the 7th (little bit of flexi time to allow for upload problems)

The event is fully online. All the details and the signup system are on

A new Twitter account was also made:


  • Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

    Any Godot devs (or anybody, really) who wants to team up with me? I'm based in Cape Town (Durbanville). You're welcome to crash on my floor while we throw something together.

    I've just finished Space Cheetah Hyper Runner as a solo indie dev effort (check it out on Steam: so I'm able to contribute in all areas: Godot code, CC0 art and textures and sound, modelling and animations in Blender, design, concept, the whole she-bang.

    I have no experience in 2D, but solid experience in 3D - I'd lean towards something 3D, likely using physics: a platformer, a shooter, a puzzle game, all should be doable. Also very used to pulling 16+ hours of non-stop work, so a game jam is basically just another day at the desk for me :)

    Feel free to contact me if you wanna collab.
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