6 Years ago I posted a question: "Do I know enough to be considered as a valuable asset to others?"

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For more context to this post it would be advantages to read my previous post mentioned in the title. The link to that (Spelling mistakes and all) is: http://makegamessa.com/discussion/4420/do-i-know-enough-to-be-considered-as-a-valuable-asset-to-others#latest

TLDR: I was clean from meth for roughly 3 months when I wrote the other post. I taught myself 3d asset creation using Blender, the FBX export pipeline to UE4, changing material settings post export and some(minimal) blueprint scripting language. The most important part however was my desire to show my absolute dedication to the games industry.

That was the first and only post I ever wrote. So, what happened? Why did I write something so passionate and then completely disappear? Logic dictates that I either relapsed since then or I wasn't interested in development anymore. I am happy and extremely proud to say that neither are the case. Come 11 June, I will be clean for 6 years of which have been spent preparing myself for a future in game development.

I worked hard to ensure that I don't have to wonder if I am good enough by not only investing my time but my money. In so doing I have earned international certifications in Python, SQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Furthermore, I also earned national qualifications by completing my first year studies of Software Development through CTU. The most important skill however I was able to pick up during this time is the ability to research new or different technologies at a fast pace. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if given the chance I will be able to adapt to any development environment.

While I do plan on finishing my studies in the near future the problem is now financing the last two years. I hope to find a job with my current qualifications so as to complete the remaining years later down the line. Evidently, my skillset dictates that I have decided that the role I want to fulfill is that of developer. I would obviously prefer to be paid for my contributions, but I am more concerned about the experience as of now. So I am more than willing to work pro-bono as long as I can be part of a dedicated team of individuals striving for the same goal by combining their efforts.

I thank you for your time. Please let me help you make a game.


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