Peter Spanos' 3D Modelling and Game Design Portfolio

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I have recently graduated from Vega School with a Bachelor of Computer Information Sciences in Game Design. This left me with a wide array of skills and abilities as evident in my portfolio which includes 3D models, animations, 2D artwork and games made with the Unity engine.
My Portfolio:


  • Not bad. Good anatomy, colour theory is abit waky tho. Good animations too. It still giving off fresh student jvibes tho so u might struggle to get work frm it as it is now. Keep working on your portfolio, updating it as you refine your skills nd grow into your talents. btw, The Artstation link has no uploads?

    I'd say find a way to unify the portfolio as well: it has alittle of everything, so nothing stands out as a result. The layout also goes here, then changes there, so it cn b abit inconsistent. Take alook at ur fave artists portfolio's try emulate that simplicity and curated gallery feels.

    Lastly, Id say pick a niche, and focus on it for that website. youtube JUST animations. JUST games. Artstation JUST illustrations. and links frm here to there. your website cn b a gallery showing alittle of everything? altho most successful personal websites show a clear niche aswell
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