[Contract] 3D Artist - No longer available

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Good afternoon,

I'm looking for a 3D artist that can Create, Texture, Rig, and Animate models on request.

I would like to see a portfolio of previous work done by the artist, along with references to others you have done work for.

The work done will be for a VR simulation and educational game mainly involving a lot of different snake species.

The tools used in the project are:
- Unity 3D
- Blender
- Photoshop
- Substance (under consideration)

I will be commissioning work from you either one model at a time, or in small batches.

The first item I will requesting from you will be to model, texture, rig, and animate a Cape Cobra (Naja nivea).
The cobra has a hood that will be controlled via blend shapes.
The texturing must match a real cobra. (Lots of images and data will be provided)
Just one animation as a start, the defensive stance with a hood spread.

I don't have a clue what 3D artists charge for this kind of work, so please let me know what you would charge for work like this.
Each model/batch should be quoted separately, upon which I will pay 50% deposit and the rest upon completion.
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