Global Game Jam 2022?

Are we not having a (virtual) location this year? Must I just join some other random country that is?
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  • Also interested in what's happening this year :)

    Will Microsoft or Vega (JHB) become an available site this year or will everything be online again (I am assuming this is the case due to GGJ spanning over 10 days) :)
  • Also trying to understand whats happening regarding this. Will we have a location or not?
  • Seems like not. I looked into the setup/application procedure and one of the requirements is to be contactable via Slack, which I am not, so I can't set up a virtual site myself.
  • Dorian was telling me in December about how they needed to contact GGJ, but they haven't been in touch since.

    I thiiink we'll still have a site, but I believe it'll be virtual.
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  • Hey! I'm going to be setting up a jam site today that is open to all South Africans :D It's going to be virtual, I'm currently unsure if we'll be making our own Discord or using the MGSA one. I'll post an update here later today.
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