Photogrammetry for Fashion Retail Store...

I am looking to get some basic costing done for photogrammetry on clothing items for a fashion retail store.

The customer will provide all the high-res photos you need of the item and as many different shots as you need (i.e. Front, Back, Left, etc.).

I just need the mesh to be bound to a Skeleton Mesh (I will provide) for use in UE4 with a basic material and exported to UE4 compatible FBX. The items required will come in as a steady stream of work every fashion season.

If I can get an estimated price per item as a thumb suck for the presentation, the details and final costing can be fixed at a later stage.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hi,

    This is something we did for Amazon before (see here We did it in Unity, but the process would be the same for Unreal. We found photogrammetry to be not really appropriate, so we ended reverse engineering the clothing patterns and making them in Marvelous Designer.

    Price per item very much depends on quantity of items. Generally the biggest expense is getting the pipeline going. I'd be happy to chat to you further about this if you need more info. You can email me at

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