Hiring Unity Developers/Designers Creating Virtual Spaces [PAID]

Looking for Developers/Level Designers to create virtual spaces for us. Many projects we have currently worked on has simple and easy interactions and not hard to implement.

We are looking for Developers/Level Designers who want some experience in what it is like to work with Unity but in a Working Environment. We do not create games but gamify systems for our customers for a fun and interactive experience.

  • Has basic knowledge of Unity
  • Can code in C# with Unity MonoBehaviour (eg Coroutines)

* We will ask you to create a simple demo project.

For more information on what we create you can check here at:

Please mention if you are a developer or level designer applying. (OR maybe do both)
If you do have a portfolio please attach it to the email.

For more information please email me or email yakeen@3degreestech.co.za
OR add a comment.
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